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To gather or collect swiftly and unceremoniously; grab


You think of this day and it's hard not to think about death. On the way to work today I saw a cat that had just been hit in the road, and was still alive. I turned around and pulled over. There were already two other cars there. The woman I ended up going to the vet hospital with had a blanket. We put the cat on the blanket and put her in the car. We gave the cat to the vet and waited. She came out and said the cat was feral had sustained bad internal damages and head trauma. They euthanized her and we left. I'm not sure why I'm telling this. Maybe so that more people know that it happened besides the woman I rode with and myself. To those of you who drove around the injured cat to continue with your busy day can fuck off.

Somebody who was born on sept. 11 will do something great one day.
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