This happens to me every week
Friday sneaks up on me.
5 o'clock Friday and I am leaving work feeling all TGIF'y and realize I have nothing planned for the evening. It seems like as we work more and get older Friday night becomes more of a recovery night than anything else.
At this point, if I were a cornball I'd say one of the following

1: the only "getting down" that's going on in my house on a Friday night is me getting down on the couch.

2: the only "letting loose" happening in my house on a Friday night is me letting ONE loose if you know what I mean! WOOOOOOOO!

I know Friday is played, though. Friday nights are amateur nights, where you have to deal with everyone and their uncle going out and damnit they are going to have a good time! Wooooo!
Hell, we all know Monday is the new Friday. Or is Sunday the new Friday? Or is Sunday the new Monday, which was the new Tuesday?

Going out during the week is much better anyway. Screw Friday.
Hell, Saturday is way better than Friday. Saturday is the thinking man's Friday.
Saturday is a well-planned Friday.

The thing is, Friday has never been a huge 'going out' night for me in the first place. Even in college, I remember we'd go out every night during the week... malt liquor nights or rock shows or parties. Friday night would come and we'd just want to stay in.

In high school I suppose it was a big deal, though. Lots of making out happened on Friday nights. There was always an urgency to party and do as much as possible on a Friday night. Saturday nights were still better though.

So, we are going out. Meeting MattyJ and JackiePony for some dinner and drinks at around 9. We'll probably yell "wooooooo!' at some point.

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