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Dear Matthew Shultz

Dear Matthew Shultz,
Thank you for the Scrabble invite – I am sorry we didn't make it. This is what happened.

First, we both had a powerful case of the lazies on Saturday and could barely get out of bed. Actually, we got out of bed, but that was about all we could do.
Finally after showers, coffee, and food – we were good to go.

We headed into the city to run some errands, which we did. Mrs. Robot shopped the hell out of that city.
It was early, but we were starving so we got some thai food (crispy crispy duck) and then after dinner, as we are thinking of heading back to Brooklyn where we could drop our stuff off and get the invite to your party… we decide to stop by and see some friends of ours for a quick drink.
That quick drink turns into 2, then 3, then, well, it was all sangria, so enough said.

Cut to 11:30 and we are coming out of the sangria drinking place and have one thing on our mind: no more sangria. We take a cab home (I initially wrote "crab home") and next thing I know it's 4 am and it's pouring down rain and the cat is taking up all my foot-room in the bed.
She loves to do that – sleep about ¾ of the way down on the bed making me have to bend my legs around her.
Mrs. Robot is always telling me to just kick her out, but I am a big fuddy-duddy and figure if our cranky cat wants to sleep with me, then I'll let her (cuz I ain't getting any love from her otherwise).

By the way, do your neighbors like to stomp around at 4am a lot? Mine do.

I hope my missing your party won't take me off the list for your next event.



Don't sweat it! It was fun, though, and I'll make sure you hear about the next get-together. By then, I may have places for more house guests to sit.
»matthew ||  9/29/2003 ||  11:26:49 AM
Speaking of which, look at this great game:
»matthew ||  url || 9/29/2003 ||  11:27:24 AM

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