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incest free-for-all

Hello Sister
What is up with the whole incest thing in regards to Adam and Eve? If they were the first humans - was there just a bunch of incest involved during those first generations?
Spookier of course is that they had two sons… I don't even want to think what that means.
The official word is (and correct me if I am wrong) that the two sons went off and found wives on their own and didn't have to partake in reproducing with their mom. Where did these mysterious wives come from? Do they just grow on trees?

Anyone want to fill me in on why I shouldn't be thinking that the beginning of humankind was some sort of incest free-for-all?

Ever notice how many Sebadoh songs are about 'sister'? I'd like to meet Lou Barlow's sister.

Kitchen Floor
Our floor looks like crap. It's an amazingly crappy floor that I think was done was foul-mouthed teens pepped up on goofballs. This coming weekend we are laying a new floor.
Have you ever done this?

I am a little nervous about it, but as Mrs. Robot reminds me - we can't make it any worse than it is now. True.
We bought those vinyl tiles with the adhesive backing which appear to be pretty idiot proof. My only concern is that our walls and floors are not straight or flat. We have a bump on one end where I suspect a body is buried.
Email if you have any advice (well, any advice other than 'drink scotch').

Conversation with Matt about our floor
me: have you ever laid vinyl flooring down? We are re-doing our kitchen floor next weekend.
matt: wow
matt: i've put down parquet. i'm sure it's not too different
me: ok. we may call you for some wisdom. i think it's going to kick our ass since we have such a nasty ass floor with lumps and dead bodies underneath it.
matt: yeah, that will suck
me: i totally expect to peel off the old nappy tiles and see our neighbor in her kitchen looking up at me.
matt: :-)
me: "three weeks ago, you pulled your floor up and saw me. stars on 45"
matt: ha!

Our Neighbor
We have this neighbor downstairs who is nutty, but seems nice enough. When we first moved in and didn't realize that the damn place wasn't sound proofed for shit, she came up a few times to tell us that we were loud. That's fine and dandy, except she would reference days and days past.
"Two weeks ago, you were dragging furniture around at 3am"
And we'd think, "Two weeks ago? What were we doing?".

She speaks in this quiet passive-agressive style.
One drunken night with TV's Tamara I did my imitation of our neighbor singing that weird-ass early 80's Beatles medly 'Stars on 45'.
"Three weeks ago - stars on 45 - keep on turning in your mind - Like 'We Can Work it Out' Remember 'Twist and Shout'"

Stars on 45 have a website
Of course they do:
Let's all agree that those Stars on 45 singles in the 80's were really weird.

Viva Girl Scouts
Just ordered two boxes of Thin Mints

Welcome to Brooklyn!

perhaps it is sister as in soul sista.

»pony ||  9/30/2003 ||  11:46:29 AM
and what about Noah? if he only took his family on the did they re-populate the earth after the flood?
»curiouser ||  9/30/2003 ||  11:59:40 AM
Erik P. Kraft was, in fact, friends with Lou Barlow's sister Abby in college. I have heard nothing about her being hot in any way, though, but maybe you have to be her brother to see it.
»dorf ||  9/30/2003 ||  12:45:30 PM
I could listen to rich talk like this woman for is endlessly entertaining to me.
»tams ||  9/30/2003 ||  11:03:49 PM
drink vodka
»joe ||  9/30/2003 ||  11:19:40 PM
dude, it was totally high school. I had no friends in college.
»erik p. kraft ||  10/1/2003 ||  9:43:51 AM

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