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Thanks for borning Matt, Mrs. J!

Happy birthday MattyJ
MattyJ is in a integral part of the robot. Point at anything on the robot, and MattyJ's brain was probably involved.
He's a smarty.
Buy something for Matt on his birthday!
His Amazon Wish List

Ten things about MattyJ
1. He used to own this nutty old Chevrolet Impala that he literally abandoned a few years ago. Left it in a garage.

2. He once did a whole overview of how the US government works for our dot-com office - apparently Matt paid attention in civics class.

3. There is a hilarious story about Matt locking himself out of his apartment hours before leaving for his three months in Spain.

4. Matt is a southern food connoisseur.

5. Matt was the first person I knew with a CD burner.

6. There is a hilarious story about Matt not being able to find his passport the night before going to Cuba. He called the passport office, the 'life & death' passport office - apparently losing your passport isn't a life or death issue (they probably wouldn't help him too much in getting to Cuba, either).

7. He once harassed the waitress at Harvest about their hard-ass biscuits (the one's they call "cowboy biscuits"). She didn't really know why they were so hard, and then it turned out she and Matt knew each other.
(last I checked, the biscuits were still hard)

8. We have similar shoes.

9. His ex-girlfriend once bought him the exact same jacket I had. We worked together then, and when ever we went out to lunch with our matching jackets on it was it like "dorks on parade".

10. There was this one girl he was 'dating' for a while. She threatened to kill me by only using her thumbs.

Winter time = hot coffee
It's cold here in NYC, at least in the morning it is. I mean, it's not freezing, but it's chilly and it seems even chillier when you are on the tail end of summer.
What this means is that it's expected that I will now transfer from iced coffee to hot coffee. That is what the guys at the friendly deli expect us all to do - but I may hold off.

This morning I bought a hot coffee, and it's like winter just crashed down onto me. Hot coffee... so boring. So, blah.

Friendly Deli
I love the friendly deli. I think they are all from Bangladesh. Maybe. To be honest, I am not sure, but that is my best guess.
But, good golly are they friendly. There is this whole gang of guys who work at the coffee and food station… quick and pleasant.
They call me (and every other guy) "boss". Then there are the cashier girls, who are sweet. They call me 'dear'.
That is my morning.

I used to always wear medium shirts and sweaters. But this past year either the sizes are universally changing or I am shrinking. I am now a small. A small? How did this happen? The last time I wore a small was 1984.
Mrs. Robot says it's just because I am wearing my clothes differently (on my head) and not because I have pre-osteoporosis.

One of my dear grandmothers once left a message on my answering machines. She was asking about what my brother and I might want for Christmas and wanted to know what size shirts we wore.
She thought maybe one of us wore an "X... L"
Her delivery of "XL" was hilarious. There was this pause between the letters and each one was pronounced with her funny southern drawl.
Ex. ill.

Hola Canada
We are going to Montreal in a week. What should we do there?

the small/medium thing can be easily explained. because americans are getting fatter, the clothing manufacturers have "changed their sizing." so in order to make huge people feel better, larges are now mediums, mediums are smalls, etc. what they should really do is stick a label in there saying "holy jeebus you really need to lose some weight fat ass."

oh and i persoanlly remember hilarious stories 2, 3 & 6. happy birthday matty j!
»liz ||  url || 10/2/2003 ||  12:46:35 PM
iced coffee is as much a travesty as flourescent lighting or the platypus or the XFL. It sounds ok, but upon closer examination, it never should have happened in the first place. Examples in film: Rocky and Bullwinkle (with Bobby DeNiro) and Space Jam (with Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and Bill Murray).
»blaine ||  10/2/2003 ||  1:07:59 PM
Happy birthday Matt! You are awesome, but if you ever hurt my sister I will kill you with my thumbs.

Montreal: I will think about coming, for sure. It would be awesome to hang with Mr and Mrs Robot in la belle province.
»notpony ||  10/2/2003 ||  1:45:38 PM
blaine, i will fight you with my thumbs to justify iced coffee. actually, how anyone who grew up in the south can dis/diss iced coffee is beyond me.
Bring. It. On.
»:r ||  10/2/2003 ||  1:51:39 PM
Whatever you do, don't fall for the Insectarium. Nothing but stick bugs. Ok, we get it already! They look like sticks! Let's move on, Frenchies!
»dorf ||  10/2/2003 ||  3:11:16 PM
I love the insectarium. The Pepsi Wasp will never leave my mind! They have a little diorama documenting the horror of this wasp who paralyses a tarantula, drags it into a hole, lays its eggs INSIDE it, and when the babies hatch, they eat the live spider from the inside out!
One of the signs reads: The agony!
»pony ||  10/2/2003 ||  3:22:43 PM

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