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Tiger urine leaking from upstairs

Hello Mr. Tiger
Good lord.

Headline: Cops bag big, bad cat in Harlem high-rise apt

Let's lay out the facts here:

1. In the apartment is a tiger.

2. The apartment is in a public housing complex.

3. There was also a 3-foot caiman alligator in the apartment.

4. The resident of the apartment was a Mr. Antoine Yates.

5. Antoine was bit by the tiger as the tiger tried to pounce on a kitten that was living in the apartment. He tried to stop the tiger from pouncing, and the tiger chomped him.

6. Antoine went to the hospital to get his wound checked - told the doctors that it was a dog bite. Doctors didn't buy it.

7. "Downstairs neighbor Valerie Tompkins said she repeatedly complained to the Housing Authority about tiger urine leaking from upstairs."

8. "'He just has a love for animals,' said his sister (and future tiger snack), Cynthia Yates. 'There's nothing wrong with that.'"

Here's two good articles:
Tenant recounts life with tiger in New York apartment
Cops bag big, bad cat in Harlem high-rise apt

Of course, the best is the tiger in the window!

C'était un Rendezvous
My pal Bo has a VHS copy of this movie and I just read that they released it on DVD. I think I mentioned this film a long time ago, yes? Well, now there is an official site for the DVD ( release with film stills and lots of great background info.

The film is a ten-minute high speed drive through the streets of Paris. The camera was mounted to the hood of a Ferrari, and well, that it's.
Did I mention that it's high speed?
Did I mention the gorgeous sound of the car going flat out?
Did I mention that there were no special effects (being 1976 and all)?

Momentous Moments
Everyone has a little internal list of those momentous events in their lives.
Let's see... mine are my first bike. My first racing bike. My first smooching on a girl. Becoming a DJ in college. Buying my Leica. Marrying Mrs. Robot.

And now another momentous event in my life: Fresh Direct delivers to our neighborhood.
Proof positive that the terrorists have not won.
(I skip away into the distance humming, "we going to get fresh direct, fresh direct. La la la la.")

Birthday Greetings from Willard
Happy Birthday to Cootie Girl! Happy Birthday to Tamara! Happy Birthday (again) to Matt!
Anyone else?

My Weekend as written by a small town newspaper social pages person
Friday night we dinner with fellow roboters Evan of PictureMonkey (and his lovely gal), John Lawton of the department of population control, and Raquel of Medium Pimping. Once again we dined at the official robot home away from home: Ginger.
The evening ended at Louis where we relaxed with delicious wine and beer.

Saturday night we attended a box social at Matt & JackiePony's house. It was a fine old time involving vodka, chocolate cake, and mild spanking.

Lord we are in pain. Saturday we ripped up the old kitchen floor and threw down a new one. My arms hurt. My legs hurt.
Sunday we went shopping in the city and any stairs were painful to climb. Literally, I could barely make it up them.
I was like some crotchety old man.

Main Entry: crotch·ety
Pronunciation: 'krä-ch&-tE
Function: adjective
Date: 1825
1 : given to crotchets : subject to whims, crankiness, or ill temper
2 : full of or arising from crotchets


Broken record here, but the word 'blog' just doesn't sit in my craw well. How about, instead of 'blog' we start saying 'blab'.

I blabbed about that in my last entry.
Oh yea, he's a blabber. He has one of those websites at
I love that NY Blabber site.

BTW, someone bought and is just sitting on it. God, I hate that.
People who do this should be hunted down and shot.

Hugh Johnson
Have I mentioned that there is a financial analyst guy named Hugh Johnson on NPR?

happyrobot: does it work on linux?
I don't know. Does it? Anyone?
the robot on browser-cam

I just have a love for animals.
»antoine ||  10/6/2003 ||  10:07:44 AM
Admit it, Rich. Somewhere down there, deep inside, you're jealous. You wish you had a tiger. You'd be great with a tiger. And I'm sure it wouldn't pee on your floor.
Me, I want a wombat. Seriously. I think a pet wombat would be the coolest thing ever.
»chris ||  10/6/2003 ||  11:21:14 AM
»:r ||  10/6/2003 ||  12:45:40 PM
thanks rich ... balk balk

i too want a tiger
»k ||  10/6/2003 ||  11:12:18 PM
those tiger ppl should read life of pi. that would clear things up.
»elanamatic ||  10/7/2003 ||  4:08:57 PM

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