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Dear California

Dear California,
You know I like you. You are a terrific state to hang out in and you look smashing. You have good sushi, wine, and mud baths all of which I partaked in to the extreme when I was there.
Your B&B's beds were big and soft. Your dogs were friendly.
I enjoyed driving in a convertible up and down the coast. It was dreamy.

But listen this governor thing is just ridiculous. I mean, it's ridiculous from the get-go. It's ridiculous on so many levels that it makes my head hurt.

I don't know. I am feeling so smug here on the east coast all of a sudden. Your whole cool point quotient in my book is hurting.
And it hurts me.

I guess what I want to say is this: you guys can't diss any other states for a while. Not even Florida.
Why don't we take a break for a while?
You guys do your little soul searching and we'll go visit other states and countries.

We're going to Montreal this weekend. Do they really all speak French there? I know zero French.

Well, take care.
Talk to you later,


You're breaking up with me?! WITH ME?!
»cali ||  10/8/2003 ||  7:41:39 AM
Um, I think they speak "freedom" in Montreal.
»klutch.xls ||  10/8/2003 ||  8:21:25 AM
I was really hoping last night would be the last we'd hear of Arnold, until his next action movie came out.
I wonder if he meant to win. Maybe running was just a way to jump start his career. I've never been to Cal. but this is still depressing.
»anne ||  10/8/2003 ||  10:20:48 AM
Everyone in Montreal speaks perfect English as well as French. Unlike the new governor of California, who speaks neither.
»dorf ||  10/8/2003 ||  12:55:30 PM
I can't believe Gary Coleman lost.

2004 Presidential Race -- just bought.
»chris ||  10/8/2003 ||  12:58:43 PM
i've been zinged - and i like it!
»arnold ||  10/8/2003 ||  1:17:02 PM
Company Vice prez visiting Honolulu from Cali this week. New Hire meets vice prez and says: "Today California is the laughingstock of the world."
New Hire=New Fire?
»eve ||  10/8/2003 ||  2:22:34 PM

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