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Meet my neighbors

In honor Lisa's post, here's mine:

Old Lady Stink Eye
She stands at her gate in the afternoons and watches people walk by and chats with everyone. Except me. I swear she gives me the stink eye.

Old Lady Pray for Neighbors
There is this old lady on the second floor who is:
1. a nut
2. 160 years old
We often run into her outside our Yemeni neighbor's door with her rosaries - we assume she is praying for their non-catholic souls (one day I will suggest that she pray that they quit screaming 24-7).

Two Weeks Ago Neighbor
I have written about her before, but had to include her because I suspect this will make Tamara laugh by just mentioning her.

Tall Ass African guys
On the first floor are these two or three African guys that live together. They are very quiet and very polite - but two of them are tall as all get out. They speak French I think.

Stompy y Droppy
I think it's two guys that live above us. They love to stomp and drop things. Stomp. Drop. Stomp. Drop. Drop. Stomp.

I Kiss You Grandpa
Yea, I have talked about him before. Whenever Mrs. Robot is by herself, he tries to kiss her. If I am around he doesn't even try to kiss her, but I swear I can feel his glare burning the back of my head.

Poodle Dog that carries Toy
It's one of those big standard poodles (but not all… poodled out) and she carries her toy with her all the time. I think it's a bear.

Yellemeni Family
I have no idea who lives in this apartment, but I think it's: Dad, Mom, Daughter, the two demon toddler girls, teen soon, big headed younger son. There is something always going on here - and it's usually something hilarious and/or really loud.
Power tools at 1am. Piles of strange trash piled up in the hallway. The constant demon toddler screams. Fights in the hallway.
Oh, and they can slam a door. These people are door slamming pros.

The Family that all use Canes
They live like on the top floor (this is a 5 story walkup) and they all use canes and miserably make their way up the stairs everyday. I think they all live together, but it's hard to tell since I live on the no-cane required third floor.
I think there is a mother or grandmother involved and she looks real sad slowly climbing up the stairs everyday.

Got a Quarter Lady
She's homeless and I think she may have that disorder where you just fall asleep all the time. What's that called? Harriet Tubman had it.
Well, it's a crappy disorder to have if you are homeless.
One day when I had nothing in my pockets, she got real cranky and sass-mouthed me for not giving her a quarter. So, I pretty much ignore her now.
She always asks, "Hey! You got a quarter?!"

Guy who Fathers many Children
I really want to drop by and get these people to draw me a family tree in regards of who lives in the apartment and their relationship.
This is what I think is happening: Guy and girl who may live there have a daughter with unfortunate name. Guy also has baby with another girl who doesn't live with them but visits often. Grandmother lives there - not sure whose grandmother it is.
Possible mother lives there, too.
I am puzzled.

Dozens of white hipsters
Hard to tell them all apart.

Narcolepsy? (same thing River Phonenix's character had in "My Own Private Idaho"?)
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»lisa ||  10/10/2003 ||  1:47:50 PM

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