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Dot Com Boom

Happyrobot dot com
A thorn in my side.
I don't remember the exact dates, but when I went to register a domain back in 1999, had been registered like the week before.
The week before.

It was registered by this person in Canada who was trying to do some sort of internet gambling site. Nothing ever happened to the site and I was all excited when it finally it appeared that they weren't going to renew it.

Then came the pesky person in Korea who decided to snatch it before I could and then cyber-squat on it - how annoying.

You know, the whole time I wouldn't of given a rat's ass if this domain in either case had been doing something worthwhile, but the gambling site never seemed to happen and then with the cyber-squatter - just annoying. came up for renewal in June 2003. I sat there watching it daily and even paid money for one of those "we'll watch it for you and when it comes up we'll grab it" services.
A few days later they said they it was renewed and I hadn't got it.

Yesterday I get this email from Scott who owns the best f*cking hosting company ever. Scott, well, he's dreamy.
Ok, yea, so I get the following email on Tuesday. Keep in mind I still have Canadian Beaver Fever SARS disease and am hepped up on goofballs.
OK, the email follows:

From: Scott
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 5:57 PM
Subject: hey man
have you noticed that you've got now?




I am stunned. Apparently that fine little service that I paid for somehow grabbed the domain. No idea how. No idea why.
It happened in August (GET OUT!) and either they didn't send me an email about it or they did and my hotmail account was full.
But I had no idea, and to be honest had pretty much given up.

So, thanks to everyone who helped out on this. Special thanks to Matt who tried to buy it once a few years back for my birthday but it was 3000$ and also a big thanks to hosting company Scott who has been watching the domain on a regular basis because he also wanted to buy it as a gift for me.
Damn - my friends rock.

Oh, and thanks to ForceFieldNC - the best damn hosting company ever!


Time for a dot com boom, eh?

OH, so, yea. Try it out:
Hopefully it will work for you - at work it's fine, but at home i don't think my ISP's DNS server things have updated.

congratulations rich! i raise my glass high and will raise another one in person in honor of this momentous occassion.
»liz ||  10/15/2003 ||  10:16:49 PM
holy s**t!!! AWESOME! I have always wanted to be a dot-com'er.



»klutch.xls ||  10/15/2003 ||  10:28:03 PM
yeah! congratulations! time for new t-shirts. That COM was always yours.
»anne ||  10/16/2003 ||  7:30:58 AM
»lisa ||  10/16/2003 ||  8:12:00 AM
finally! Although I liked stressing DOT *NET* when I gave people the URL. Mazeltov!
»pony ||  10/16/2003 ||  8:43:43 AM
I mean,
Oh, wait. That's something else.
»chris ||  10/16/2003 ||  9:20:32 AM
ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF! Congrastulations Rich!
»k ||  10/16/2003 ||  9:36:36 AM
you know, yesterday my mother called a site: dot "cum".
»pony ||  10/16/2003 ||  12:34:05 PM

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