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It's all good

It's all good

1997 I get a computer.

Matt helps me set it up.

Matt suggests I start playing with web pages

I give birth to happyrobot.

Matt gets me my first dot-com job.

I meet Adina via happyrobot.

She starts writing Pony.

Matt meets Adina and her sister Jackie when Adina comes to visit NYC.

Matt and Jackie start dating and later move in together.

Matt proposes to Jackie (she says 'yes'!)

Open letter to Matt

Dear Matt,
Thank you for all your interweb help over the years. You have been generous with your knowledge and skill, and I hope that happyrobot's place in your meeting of your future wife can serve as some sort of gratitude for all your help.

Wish you the best!

If there are ever babies involved, I want dibs on the name. Ideas:

Happy Robot Johnson
Danny Chambers Johnson
Matt Johnson Johnson
Jack E. Johnson
Pony Johnson
Matthew Jack Goldson
Kristen Martin Johnson

hooray jackie and matt! congrats!
»raquel ||  10/20/2003 ||  11:09:01 AM
what about jazzbo?
»pony ||  10/20/2003 ||  11:18:41 AM
Let us not forget Jazzbo Johnson, which is good for both girls and boys. Twins would have to be Jazzbo-1 and Jazzbo-2; or, Jazzbo Beta and Jazzbo Whatever comes after Beta - depending of course, on their respective abilities.
»tim ||  10/20/2003 ||  11:20:04 AM
How about Jazzbo 1 and Jazzbo Junior?
»:r ||  10/20/2003 ||  11:30:37 AM
3 boys: Iggy, Augie, and Otto. You can dress them as the Beagle Boys for Halloween.
»blaine ||  10/20/2003 ||  6:32:11 PM
rich and adina definitely get credit. you guys get the unwitting matchmaker of the year award. therefore, we will use both your names and call our twins Little Ricky and Pony Girl. If the soches try and pick on them, Jackie Johnson will beat them up at recess.
»jackie ||  10/20/2003 ||  7:56:53 PM
Twins: Jose and Hosebee
»juanita ||  10/20/2003 ||  11:28:49 PM
Jackie Johnson - that is a great name.
»anne ||  10/20/2003 ||  11:37:45 PM
I was going to write, "what about Jazzbo", but it's good to know we're all on the same page.
»tams ||  10/22/2003 ||  10:20:48 AM

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