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what YOU should be for halloween

costume ideas
OK. I don't do Halloween well, but that doesn't mean you don't have to. Here are some costume ideas I just had while taking a shower (using my new Dell Wi-Fi enabled ShowerMate 4.1).

Sexy doctor (male)
You could play this many ways - either actually sexy or slimy, sleazy sexy.
Easy outfit if you do a plain lab coat or scrubs, stethoscope, lots of chest hair pouring out, and stuff your pants with a wiener looking something.

Sexy Ernie and Bert
I think they make Ernie and Bert masks, right? Grab them and wear Ernie and Bert striped shirts and brown pants, but make them really tight. And have lots of (fake) chest hair and, once again, stuff your pants.

The obvious Sig and Roy
I suspect we'll see a lot of these. I like either the Roy with a bloody stuffed tiger stuck to his neck, or Roy and another person dressed as a tiger.
Fake blood would be a necessity.

George W. Bush stuffed into a flight suit
Wear a flight suit, but stuff your crotch with about 20 socks like that photo of GWB on the aircraft carrier.

12yr old boy
Look timid and scared. Have a constant boner.

Your spouse or significant other
Me and Mrs. Robot did this one year. Great fun. This was back in her 'working on the movie set' days, so what I had to wear of hers was just overalls with a girlie striped shirt, hair beret, and a necklace.
She wore big old shorts and long sleaved t-shirt and my brown ski cap (this was like 1995).
At the party, it was just fun to point across the room at her when I was asked who/what I was supposed to be.

Ghost with dirty sheet
I always thought I'd be funny to be a ghost with the traditional sheet with eye-holes cut out - but with a big, ugly stain on it.

Jehovah's witness - with pamphlets
Dress in your Sunday best and carry lots of pamphlets and constantly ask people if you can pray with them.

Pregnant teen
This could be totally un-PC, but it might be fun to have a pillow under your shirt, walking around smoking and drinking, or wearing a Chik-Filet uniform.
You could also turn this into white-trash preggers.
I think this could work with a guy doing it, too.

Internet celebrity
Maybe walk around with a box on your head that looks like a computer monitor, and the screen part is cut out to reveal your face.
Yell "I kiss you!" or "Those singing cats!" or "Star Wars kid".
You could also do "blogging celebrity" which could be fun - I have some mean ideas that I think I won't share on that topic.

Sexy homeless guy
Very un-PC. But could be fun. Pretend to pee on the wall a lot.

Your sexy mother
This one, when I came up with it, made me laugh out loud. Dress as a sexier, older woman, and when people ask who are supposed to be, tell them, "Your sexy mother".
And then start pawing them.
This would be so... so.. wrong.
But, so good.

Teen make out couple
Fun. Dress up like teens and make out the whole time.

Hilton sisters
Me and Mrs. Robot were going to be the Hilton sisters this year, but I think we've lamed out. I'd like to see me as a Hilton gal, though.

I may go as Raquel next year.

Guy listening to sports on headphones in a quiet place
I like this one a lot. Wear a sports jersey and headphones, and every 5 minutes or so yell out something in reference to the imaginary game you listening to:

Guy at concert
Stand by yourself looking in the same direction and kind of bopping your head. Have beer and cigarette in hand. When anyone asks you anything, answer by leaning in and speaking directly in their ear. Use lots of hand signals and expressions, because, well the music is so loud.
Maybe say something like, "They played this same encore last month in Providence"

Guy who keeps drinking sour milk
You are just a guy at a party chatting and drinking your drink. Every now and then yell out, "OMIGOD THIS MILK IS SOUR" and run to the sink or a plant or window and spit out the drink. Stare at your drink and say, "Ugh - I'll never get that taste out of my mouth"

Zombie vagabond
Look like the guy on the top of the page.

Pre & post queer eye guys (2 people required)
This would be fun. Especially for twins. One would be dressed kind of sloppily, the other would be Fab-Five'd.

Person who is always hot
Keep unbuttoning shirts or jackets. Wipe forehead with napkin. Constantly complain, "God, it's hot in here. Aren't you guys hot?"

8th grade me
Don't make out with anyone.

Ghetto Fab Prom
Now, that might be pretty fun.

Check map constantly (keep it in fanny pack). Take pictures of everything. If at a party, approach every household item as if it's an historical marker. Look lost. Wear jean shorts, local sports team sweatshirt, white socks, new athletic shoes.
Say, "this party is a lot like the one we have every year in Madison"

I have actually seen the man dressed as the pregnant teen. Very funny, especially after he threw up all over his pregnant belly.
»liz ||  10/31/2003 ||  12:13:13 PM
my fave: 8th grade me. don't make out with anyone.

soooo funny!
»lisa ||  10/31/2003 ||  12:14:17 PM
at the costume shop last night, a girl asked if they had any slut costumes. the store didn't have a packaged slut costume, but did have packaged costumes for pimp diva, sexy cop, sexy nun, pregnant nun, sexy firefighter, etc.
»qdog ||  10/31/2003 ||  12:20:59 PM
Sexy Bert and Ernie. That's the best costume idea EVER. EVER!
»chris ||  10/31/2003 ||  1:16:06 PM
my roomate is going as a pimp. so is she me for halloween?
»raquel ||  10/31/2003 ||  1:31:41 PM
I like the ghosts!
»modeline ||  10/31/2003 ||  1:38:16 PM
C'MON Rich, you HAVE to be the Hilton sisters!
Of course, you will have a hard time getting collagen lip injections & losing about 50 lbs. in 5 hours...
»reba ||  10/31/2003 ||  2:21:00 PM
i have a boner
»elanamatic ||  10/31/2003 ||  4:53:16 PM
a little boy just came to my door trick or treating...he said, "are you a country boy?"

he didn't see this as a costume.
»nate at home ||  10/31/2003 ||  7:53:25 PM
the last time I stuffed my CROUCH, I wasn't able to stand back up again!
»thewillhelm ||  10/31/2005 ||  8:16:41 AM
I think I had like ten guys fall in a crush with me the time I dressed up like a stormtrooper - using a cheap, storebought costume and then ripping it so my adult body could fit (tastefully accented with thermal underwear)...

This year, I'm going to be a cheerleader with fangs... so excited. 1x mark and I didn't go out but dressed up and went to Baja K-38 and went home (we were the only bedecked).
»kristen ||  10/31/2005 ||  4:23:59 PM

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