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The end of the world... it is near?

Airport Security - 3 items
  • Knife on the plane

  • On my way back from Austin last week I saw a knife on the plane.
    About half way through my flight I look down, and on the other aisle on the floor, underneath the seat of the woman with the two toddlers (poor poor lady) was a silver dinner knife.
    Now, normally, if I was living the John Ascroft dream, I would of tackled the woman and her toddlers and held them until federal agents could get on the plane and shoot them, but you know what?
    I was about to miss my connecting flight and wanted to be home and not sit around the terminal and miss my flight while the cops ran around solving the crime.
    Sue me.

  • Big Scissors on the plane

  • A good friend of ours is in the city working on a popular TeeVee show that we have all watched at one time or another and involves people breaking the law and people trying to restore the order.
    Our nameless pal just realized that he had carried a huge pair of sharp ass scissors in his carry-on by accident.
    He wondered aloud why we are paying that extra 9/11 tax when they miss his big ass, 100% metal, eye-gouging scissors.

  • Box Cutters on the plane

  • My brother was here in NY two weeks ago, and they found a pair of box cutters on his plane and herded everyone into a corner of the terminal while they tried to solve the crime.

    Southwest part II
    An hour into my flight back.
    The steward guy comes on the radio and starts whispering "fly southwest. Fly southwest. Good peanuts and nice crew. Fly southwest."

    Humor in the Workplace
    1. we have this internal instant messenger thing and it has that convenient feature of when you are chatting with someone it tells you that they are are typing something to you.
    This little status bar at the bottom tells you that Joe Smith is typing something - it's very handy.

    This seems to happen a lot: I IM someone and ask them a question. And I see that they are typing something to me. And typing. And still typing.
    And their answer comes back a single word like "OK".

    I think, "All that for 'OK'"?!

    Reminds me of the scene in Lost Translation with the director who didn't speak English and the translator who appeared to weed his comments down to one short sentence.

    2. Relayed to me by another co-worker. Walking down the street is a guy who works in our office. I forgot his title, but he's a SVP or EVP or someshit. He's mid-30's and kind of goofy.
    So, he's walking down the street "jiving". He's got an iPod and his head's boppin to and fro. He has a spring in his step.

    He sees my co-worker pal and exclaims very loudly with his headphones on: "Hey! I love I-Mac'ing!"

    I laugh when I imagine him with an iMac strapped to his hip.

    That slays me.

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