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Vitamins - what's up with that smell?

If I was some goofball 1980's standup comedian, my first bit today would be:
Vitamins - what's up with that smell?

Vitamins. I kind of go through a cycle of taking them and not taking them - for instance I think the last time I took vitamins on a regular basis was 2 ½ years ago. For some reason I decided to start taking them again, and even moved from Flintstones (full of smirky po-mo irony when I took those back in the dot-com days) to normal grown-up ones with mature labels and adult color schemes (ooooo.. silver).

Did I mention that these new vitamins are:
- not shaped like any characters
- not chewable
- all the same color
- Approximately the size of a horse suppository?
Why can't grown-ups have fun vitamins?

This may be a regional thing, but there is this annoying commercial for this vitamin gum marketed towards kids called Vitaball. The people in the commercial make me feel weird - they remind me of the Ovaltine commercials.
Has anyone else seen these ads? If so, why do I dislike them so much?

A Perfect Candidate
We watched this documentary last night on El Sundance channel.
Wait; let me say all we watch is documentaries, which isn't a bad thing. With a spouse who works in the biz, it just happens that way.

A Perfect Candidate is about the Virginia senatorial race between Chuck Robb and Ollie North back in 1994 - a year of unfortunate clothing trends it seems.
Good documentary. North is odd - not sure what to say about him. His staff is cranky and his supporters are totally spooky… but what I found totally entertaining in a cringe-inducing way is some footage of his clueless opponent Chuck Robb - a very un-cool guy with a slightly cool name…

From an online review:
Probably the most painful, hysterical, and unforgettable clip is Chuck Robb scuttling through the grocery store, desperately trying to find someone's hand to shake.

It was amazing. He is walking through the grocery store searching for people to speak with. He sees this older couple shopping and approaches them with this classic line:
"Hi, Chuck Robb. May I just shake hands and then you can go ahead and make your selection?"

Oh, politicians. Poor, stupid cheeseball politicians.

Speaking of commercials, has anyone seen the one for They were showing it on Bravo during Queer Eye for Some guy.
It is horrid. Bad concept. Bad cheesy looking video. Horrible end section with voice over that sounds as if recorded on cheap micro-cassette.
It's really bad. That is all.

I see Kristen Martins
Kristen should of stayed in NYC and not left because I swear there is some Kristen Martin army forming here. Everyday I see young ladies and I think, "she looks like Kristen".
I think the Kristen 'look' might be popular for some reason.

Maybe I am seeing the first line of troops in the Kristen Martin army. They are preparing the city for her triumphant return.

No, but really. I think there is something going on.
I see Kristen's everywhere.

Here's a haiku about it:

See! Look at that girl!
That dyed red hair and that face.
Aiyee! She's everywhere!

Hi, Chuck Robb. May I just shake hands and then you can go ahead and make your selection?

try gummy bear (worm/spacecar, etc.) vitamins. Not to be ironic, but because they taste good & double the dose'll do a grown up. I get inspired spend lots of $ on those Women's Day- horse pills, things. They are smelly/ can't be taken on an empty stomach & they expire too soon. Vitamin C candy is pretty nice, too.
»anne ||  11/5/2003 ||  5:10:38 PM
From a Salon article re: Chuck Robb
There's another deficit between the two men, and that's in personality. Robb is stiff and awkward. Human connection does not come easy for him. His robotics make Al Gore look like Robin Williams.
»mrs. robot ||  11/5/2003 ||  5:34:43 PM
Odd how you follow up the Kristen Martin description haiku with a photo of Chuckles Robb....
»reba ||  11/5/2003 ||  9:15:22 PM
now that you mention it I'VE seen Kristen Martin everywhere, too.
Does she drive a truck, now?
»anne ||  11/5/2003 ||  9:40:23 PM
the vitaball commercial is kinda creepy. "please give me a wad of gum that's laden with chemicals..."

i also do chewables. i gag when i swallow even the smallest pill. and for the record, its only with pills.
»liz ||  11/5/2003 ||  11:20:10 PM
There was this headline in the onion once titled: "Health food store clerk dies of vitamin lung".
»pony ||  11/6/2003 ||  8:45:23 AM

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