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Tom Wopat and Church Sign Haikus

Hi Tom Wopat
This was forwarded to me from our tropical pal Eve (who got it from her friend here in NYC):

Me: hello?

Him: Hi, it's Tom Wopat

Me: who?

Him: Tom Wopat

Me: Tom Wopat, from the Dukes of Hazzard?

Him: Yea, who's this?

Me: steve

Him: Is this Creative Artists agency?

Me: No, it's me

Him: What number is this?

Me: 212-283-6xxx

Him: I was trying to call my agent. He's 212-253-6xxx

Me: Is this really you? Tom Wopat?

Him: Yea, sorry

Me: Sorry man, wrong number.

Him: Alright then, thanks

Me: Bye

Haiku Church signs
This is what I do when I should be doing productive robot things.

Lovely. Make your own here:

That story about the monkeys
This was a robot news item a few weeks back, and I saved it because it makes me smile.
(Yes, smile! Dammit! I can smile! Call off your troops!)
I just love the last sentence....

Escaped monkey found in old folks' home
A monkey that escaped from a circus was found at a old people's home being fed bananas by residents.

Police in Bremen received a call from Zirkus Adolfo in the evening saying a rhesus monkey called Mogly had gone missing.

They began a search, and soon heard a monkey was stealing fruit and vegetables at a nearby old people's home.

According to a police statement, they arrived to find the place "buzzing with excitement".

"A group of elderly ladies was delightedly feeding little Mogly bananas and other treats," a spokesman said.

The monkey allowed itself to be put on a leash and led back home by a circus tamer.

"And some of the ladies probably took a little longer to fall asleep that night," the police spokesman said.

god that's sweet

the monkey story was very sweet, but I was already thinking "sweet" about the church haikus and Tom.- good pacing w. that.
»anne ||  11/7/2003 ||  1:07:58 AM
i am going to start a charity called "monkeys, puppies and kitties for old people". so great.
»lisa ||  11/7/2003 ||  7:58:40 AM
I know a better way to keep grandma up all night!
»mr. xls ||  11/7/2003 ||  8:22:03 AM
"Is this really Tom Wopat?"

That is freakin' awesome.
»chris ||  11/7/2003 ||  8:50:12 AM
Dear Rich: please flush.
»pony ||  11/7/2003 ||  9:11:37 AM

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