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Peace out Mr. Johnson

Peace out Mr. Johnson
MattyJ's pappa had been sick for a good while and sadly passed away Monday morning.
The service is Friday, and if you want to send flowers, have them arrive on Thursday (when the viewing is scheduled).

The details are below (note the address change the original wasn't correct):

Ivie Funeral Home
194 Peachtree Street
Murphy, NC
(828) 837-2116

His name is Alan Johnson.

(I assume it's ok to post all this)

I met him once when I had dinner with him, Matt, and Matt's sister Julie. He's a friendly fellow who wore a cowboy hat in Manhattan non-ironically.

I know he owned a nice sailboat, which made me jealous. I like sailboats.

MattyJ, I think I can speak for all the robot folks when we wish you the best during this difficult period. Thoughts and love and prayers are all headed your way.

THAT is one awesome cowboy hat.
our thoughts are with you Matty
»anne ||  11/11/2003 ||  3:14:37 PM

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