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Christmas Cougar!

Christmas Cougar!
Sunday, Mrs. Robot and I gave each other Christmas gifts. We usually do this before going home so we don't have to tote stuff back and fourth - and our families don't feel bad that we buy about ten times more stuff for each other than we do for them. Sorry, family. That's just how it is.

I got underwear, gloves, a zippy sweater, two gift certificates for a fancy shave at an old school barber shop and a bunch of other great things including the book 'Cat Attacks: True Stories and Hard Lessons from Cougar Country'.
A book all about cougar attacks.

Check the great cover art. I find myself yelling 'focus! focus!' whenever I look at it.


They'll eat your babies
Sunday afternoon when I was supposed to be packing, cleaning, and putting away laundry I found myself in our sunny bedroom on the bed reading this book. I suspect the main appeal of cougars is their great late 70's feel. I seem to remember all these California based shows in the 70's and 80's would always have a cougar or two in them.
And the word 'cougar' has such a great retro, ironic feel to it.

I also have a cousin who just bought a house in the mountains above Denver and has mentioned how her pets have to stay inside because she has bears and coyotes and cougars and slack-jawed yokels wandering around the area.

What I have learned in the past few weeks of reading cougar attack stories: they like to eat the kids - especially ones that run ahead of the group on their own.
Also, many stalk their prey for a long time before revealing themselves - that spooks me.

Long Talk
After reading some of the book, I sat down and had a long talk with Senorita Robot Cat. Here's a transcript:

ME: Listen, I want to talk to you about…. Um, how do I say this… "your people"

CAT: (squirming to get down)

ME: If I were your size, would you attack and kill me? Is the only thing stopping you because I am much bigger?

CAT: (really squirming and making whiny noises)

ME: Then what you are saying is that it's the size/power thing that is the only thing stopping you from killing me?

CAT: (play bites my arm)

ME: Fine.

CAT: (Jumps down, runs across room. Stares at wall.)

As seen on Space Ghost
Judy Tenuta: Space Ghost, you must remember one thing: friends are just enemies who don't have the guts to kill you!

Happy Holidays
I'll be incommunicado for a few days. But know that I still love you.
Much like Jeebus does.

Hello Jazzbo!


»pony ||  12/22/2003 ||  3:50:21 PM
Is this some sort of secret code for some sort of future baby, meaning some current prenancy?
»tim ||  12/22/2003 ||  3:55:39 PM
who shot who with the what now?
»chris ||  12/22/2003 ||  4:44:39 PM
Cool cougar book...and cool-environmental-writer David Quammen wrote the ominous little blurb on the cover. Dig it!
»eve ||  12/22/2003 ||  7:52:38 PM
OK, you guessed it. Me and a cougar are having a baby. We'll call him... Mangar. Or Coman.
Or Cougarbo, the half cougar half boy.
»david quammen ||  12/22/2003 ||  8:03:06 PM
jazzbo's definitely feeling the love. no sickies yesterday, no sickies today!! hooray, hooray, santa's made my day!! (it's all i ever really wanted!)
»babymama ||  12/22/2003 ||  10:03:41 PM

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