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Funerals and Holidays

Funeral Homes
You reach a point in your life when you realize a few things:

1. You hate funeral homes
2. You realize that as you get older, your attendance of funerals will increase and not decrease

Mrs. Robot's grandpappy passed away on Christmas Eve. The day after Christmas we were sitting in a funeral home in new or borrowed funeral finery greeting her relatives and family friends while her poor grandfather lay in a coffin a few feet away.

It's odd how casual the whole affair became as the time went on. I mean, the first 20 minutes were painful when the family walked in for the viewing. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a grandmother crying and bending down to kiss her husband for the last time.
Heartbreaking, and I am only related to these folks via marriage and barely knew grandfather.

But, an hour later it was almost a wedding reception, as folks came in that hadn't been seen for decades. Many folks hadn't seen Mrs. Robot since she was this tall (about waist high).
I would be shaking hands with people and being introduced to them - but catching a few glimpses of the deceased every few minutes.
Totally strange.

You have a lot of time to think about life, live, religion, and death during these funeral things. My brain has been swirling around a lot regarding religion. The other day I was having all these furious ideas and theories about religion in my head and then found myself coming right back to square one.

If a = b and b=c and c=d....
oh, and then d=a


I have lots of cranky ideas that I will try to get down on paper (i.e. my always crashing Microsoft Werd).

In Cougar News

A four-month-old Cougar named Aspen sits in the snow in the animal habitat area of Grandfather Mountain in Linville, N.C
from yahoo

As a god-fearing American, I raked in the good loot this year during the "celebrate Jeebus" holiday. I got some really awesome stuff this year, including, yes, a meat thermometer.
Got one of those rabbit corkscrew things. A great wine book by the couple that does the wonderful wine column in the WSJ and a really excellent cocktail book.
The first season of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast on DeeVeeDee, and, by far, my new favorite sweater (it's a wool zippy number).

Even the cat got some great gifts... kudos to my parents who got her this feather toy that she about goes ape over and for the little cat bed that she actually likes.
Amazing. Whenever we try to buy her something, we usually have a 50/50 chance of her just hating and ignoring it - but my parents swoop in and score big points with the El Robot Cat.

Mrs. Robot got an iPod from Santa which I have enjoyed setting up for her. Hope she likes it.

First, I can't believe it's about to be 2004. How did this happen?
Second, I suppose we should do a robot review of 2003. If there were any posts by any of our writers that you thought just rocked the house, hit the contact page and let me know.
I'll try to make up a list again this year.

And lastly, if I can be serious for a moment (lights dim - someone taps their wine glass with their fork).
2003 was great fun, again, on the robot.
I have enjoyed it all. Everyone deserves a pat on the back.

Speaking of Pat
Pat, I wish you safe passage to Iraq and even safer package back home. Drop us a line if you can.

Godspeed Pat!

Rachel, I'm sorry about your grandfather
Pat- good luck.Stay safe.
»anne ||  12/29/2003 ||  7:43:24 PM
Rachel, my sympathies rock out to you.
Rich, I have a lot to say about funerals and the like, but it is too late and I am too tired. So I'll leave you with this:
I spent Chirstmas at my cousin's house. My cousin has something called a "Bengal Cat". I don't know what a Bengal Cat is exactly, but it looks just like freakin' cougar. It has the fur of a vicious cat, and it's somehwat larger than a housecat. It doesn't like to be pet, and spends most of its time hiding behind furniture. When someone dropped a meatball at Christams dinner, the thing would leap from whatever furniture piece/appliance/sport utility vehicle it was hiding behind and pounce.
It looked like a cougar. And it made me think of you.
Pat. Iraq. WTF. Almost makes Matt's balls seem insignificant. Yet, they've made their most sigfnificant contribution of all...
»chris ||  12/30/2003 ||  2:38:48 AM
rachel, my sympathies! So hard to lose a grandparent, and to have this happen on Christmas eve makes the intensity of the season that much more difficult. hold tight, rachel rocket!
»pony ||  12/30/2003 ||  5:53:06 PM

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