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you are blasphemous

Sierra Leone Special Advertising Section
Any of you NYT subscribers see the "Sierra Leone Special Advertising Section" in the magazine this weekend?
It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen - as if it was designed in some bizarro world.
Maybe I should scan some of it.
But, if you get the NYT and didn't check it out - add that to your TO-DO list.

Good Lord
The other day, well, actually during Christmas when I also had to attend a funeral, I was mulling over religion in my head.
Religion in general.

I find it funny.

I think my continuing issue with all religion is how every religion claims to be the one and how they all claim that they are the favorites in God's eyes. I mean, that right there should be enough for a collective dope slap.

Christians: God likes us the best.
Jews: God likes us the best.
Muslims: God likes us the best.
Spooky Mormons: God likes us the best.
John Travolta and his bus of Sciencetologists: God likes us the best.
Vanilla Ice: I like Aliens.

Maybe we should have a small country where unaffiliated people can hide while the rest of the world fights to see who's god is number one.
Get it over with once and for all.

Robot Religion
BTW, as soon as I come up with a good name for my happyrobot religion, I will start taking members. Why would you want to join my religion?
Well, first, God likes us the best.
Second, our holy land will be beachfront - preferably Caribbean.

I am not being blasphemous. Save your comments.
But, think about it, the forming of my robot religion isn't much different than the forming of all the other ones. A guy with crazy ideas that can lead people (I can't lead, so it won't take off - don't worry).
Kids, let me tell you about another so-called ``wicked'' guy. He had long hair and some wild ideas. He didn't always do what other people thought was right. And that man's name was...

The news guy on the radio is discussing how part of John Edward's success may be due to the fact that he is cute.
It's fun to hear them saying the word, "cute".
"Tax cuts blah blah foreign policy blah blah cute tax cut blah bush"

Hello Cringe
Tuesday morning. I am crossing the street to get my breakfast (ah, that's why we cross the street). My phone rings and I pull it out and look at the display.
It's my boss. Actually, he used to be my boss, now he's well, former boss but still kinda boss.
Ok, so I see his name and I think, "I'll be in the office in 4 minutes, and this is his cell phone so it's probably him just saying that he is running late"

I click the ignore button and put the phone back in my pocket.

Little do I know that he was standing halfway up the block watching me. He saw me crossing the street and was going to ring me to say I was going the wrong way (i.e. away from work).
But, I ignored his call.
And he saw me do it.

Nice, eh?

So, I can't even discuss politics because I am not registered in NY state, right? I mean, I am registered, but in a state I haven't lived in for 7 years.

Iowa. How ya durin?

chillin' at the holiday inn...
»iowa ||  1/20/2004 ||  10:34:01 AM
»sister gert ||  1/20/2004 ||  10:38:40 AM

And you got busted!!!
»yuzu ||  1/20/2004 ||  8:28:54 PM

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