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The Silent Treatment

Good golly the mess that is my life.
Have you ever heard that Jonathan Richman song "the silent treatment"? Well, if I was a real internet whiz (or is it wiz?) I would have a quote from that song - but, oddly I can't find the lyrics to that song no wheres. I'll use this quote instead from another Jonathan song:
Well the UFO man hit a cactus
Well you see he was flying upside down for practice
Over my town

Let's just pretend that it's lyrics from the 'Silent Treatment' song.
Right, so the silent treatment. I hate that.

Everyday for the past… jeez, maybe 2 weeks now, I have been getting the silent treatment every damn day.
I have no idea what I have done, but all I know is that she isn't speaking to me and she seems all perturbed when I am around.

You know what the worst part of the silent treatment is? The paranoia. I sit there thinking, "What did I do? Why does she suddenly not like me anymore?"

Yea, the worst part is the paranoia.

And let me brutally honest here: I was beginning to think that the relationship wasn't worth it. I was thinking, 'you know, I don't have to take this. I don't have to unappreciated day after day'.

I was thinking of leaving.

What am I supposed to do? If she's not speaking to me… what to do?

I'm still young. I have some change in my pocket. I work hard. I'm a good provider.
All I am asking for is a little… attention?

That is so not much to ask - but it's not happening. No matter what I do.

What am I being punished for??!

I try to be nicer. I try to be sweet. I try the opposite and ignore her.
Up until yesterday I had no idea what I was going to do, and like I mentioned before, I was thinking of just ending it.
See ya!

The Change
But, the world works in funny ways. Just like how she started the silent treatment with me, she all of a sudden stopped it today.
I hand her my breakfast and money.
She takes it. She smiles.
Hands me my change and says, "thank you, dear".


I totally don't need the cute Bangladeshi ladies mad at me.

When doves die
This is really sad. We have these planter things on our fire escape - being that it's been below freezing for the past 1000 weeks nothing is of course growing out there so we fill them with bird seed and the doves, squirrels, blue jays, little brown birds, and the random cardinal hang out and munch away.
Much to the entertainment of our cat.

This morning I went to feed the birds and there was a dead (or sleeping heavily) dove in one of the planters.
What to do.

Aren't doves the ones that mate for life? That is what we are thinking, and I cringed when I looked into the nearby tree and counted one… two… three doves sitting there.

The doves are so funny. They come and look in our window when they are hungry. We like them.

And now I have to find a way to dispose of one. Ugh again.

Speaking of
There is a band called Silent Treatment. Their website describes them as: one of Florida's best alternative emo band.
I hate to dis (or is it diss?) Florida, but that state just makes me laugh.

um... i'm hoping that you are writing about kero kitty.
»liz ||  1/22/2004 ||  10:36:25 AM
k, ignore the above. i need to read before commenting. sorry bout the dove. i see dead birds in our neighborhood all the time and no one disposes of the poor frozen dears.
»liz ||  1/22/2004 ||  10:39:25 AM
I totally know what you mean. If my regular service provider is mean to me, my whole world crumbles.
»pony ||  1/22/2004 ||  10:42:03 AM
"This is what it sounds like when doves cry", I'm not really sure what doves sound like when they cry, but I'm sure it's not pretty. I wonder if the kitty sat there and watched it all unfold? I wonder if the kitty liked it?
»binx ||  1/22/2004 ||  10:53:39 AM
has kero kitty gotten 'hold of any "spell" books lately. theorizing....
»n8 ||  1/22/2004 ||  11:10:43 AM
that's a dirty trick
»crom ||  1/22/2004 ||  11:25:22 AM
when I left this morning there were 9 (NINE) doves in the tree looking down on our fire escape. I read a story in the New Yorker about a guy who had a hobby of removing bags from trees. Once he found a pigeon that had died from somethng getting wrapped around it's neck. He tried to remove it but another pigeon started protesting and tried to attack him.

How do you bury a bird when the ground is frozen?
»mrs. robot ||  1/22/2004 ||  12:05:01 PM
just think, the dove died at an all you can eat buffet. going with that theme; how about a ceremonial cremation on the barbeque grill?
»d ||  1/22/2004 ||  1:10:55 PM
I just saw Alred H's "Birds" last night. These doves could be poised for attack soon. If their friends start coming over, watch out!
»x. ||  1/22/2004 ||  10:28:38 PM
So is he dove still there?!
»reba ||  1/25/2004 ||  9:57:29 AM
the dove was given a burial. as much as you can when the ground is frozen, you don't actually have any ground in the first place nor a shovel.
but, yes, the poor dove was taken care of.

today we had a cardinal there. they rawk.
»:r ||  1/25/2004 ||  3:04:58 PM

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