Save twenty cents on Quik
First of all, last week was nutty. We had my birthday thing, and then everyone in my office seemed to be in the tropics and/or suffering from the crazy chicken flu. Oh, and then my work laptop died (hard drive failure) and took about 3 months of mail with it.

But, Friday was fun. That was the night we did the karaoke thing that you may have seen photographs of already. Started at 10pm and we rolled out of there at 4:30am or so.
The staff there said our room was the best room ever.

Side note, karaoke, which I enjoy attending, gives me a real headache. Oh, and sometimes the singing part, well, more often than not I can't get "in" to it.
So, what I am saying is, I'd like karaoke a lot more if it wasn't for all that singing.
But, I enjoy going. It's always great fun.
Fun. Good times.
I just don't sing.

Jayne is our attorney pal who is moving out to LA next week (right?) so the party was planned for her, but she realized that by birthday was just a few days before and brought me a cake.
A cake with robot on it that apparently has springs shooting out.

It was a fine cake - there was no way we could finish it so we gave the rest of it to the staff there who were really happy to get.
They really like cake there.

Shoots. Scores.
The whole point of this journal entry is to show you what MattyJ got me. WVIC - Ithaca's hottest hits!! FM 106 or 61 on your AM dial.

Lovely, eh?

The piece of the restistance? My name on it.

The icing on the cake of the piece of some resistance? A coupon for 20 cents off my next purchase of Quik Milk in the pocket of the jacket.
No expiration date.
And, as Mrs. Robot pointed out, "whoever cut out this coupon did it very precisely"

Thanks matt!

Friendster Writes Jonathan
I'm in this thing called TapeClub. That's a whole other journal entry, but a fellow named Jonathan is in the club as well and he visits the robot and loved the Friendster article that "Red Cap" wrote. Loved it so much that he sent it to Friendster, and they wrote back.
How nice.
although somehow she thought Jonathan was "Red Cap"
From: "Mary Lou"
Date: January 30, 2004 8:43:53 PM EST
To: "'Jonathan'"
Subject: RE:
Hello Red Cap,

We know site performance is a problem. We're having to keep up with the incredible growth of the Friendster community. It's like having a party at your house for 100 people, having 10,000 show up instead, and then having to expand the house to accommodate the bigger party that very night, and then having to figure out how all 10,000 people know each other. It's a great problem to have. But it means we have to work really hard to scale the system for the community. We're doing our best. And we'll keep everyone posted on our progress.

You know. I used to work at eBay, and people would say the same thing about us that you do on your page about Friendster. They were mad that it didn't work all the time, and they didn't always agree with our policies. But that was a company that worked HARD at trying to work with its user community to build a great online marketplace. Trust me. I want Friendster to work together with its community to build something really great. And we can't do that without users like you -- even when you disagree with us, or are upset with us, or whatever. So feel free to keep your comments coming. I welcome them.

As for Jonathan, he's actually a very very cool guy. And I wouldn't work for just anyone. Maybe you'll give us a chance if you know that there are real people here who read these emails and who work very hard to make this a cool site for everyone in the Friendster community.

Mary Lou
Director, Community Development

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