You know, I don't remember a lot about Valentine's day from my school days.
I grew up in the age of 'Free to be you and me' and everyone had to give everyone a valentine, which really takes the drama out of it all.

My favorite Valentine's memory is actually a bit of an anti-Valentine's happening. About 6 or 7 years ago, Ms. Robot and I went out for dinner and ran into our pals Bo & Jill. We suggested that they join us and they did. We proceeded to drink wine and get rowdy much to the chagrin of all the lovers around us.
Side note, I love on Valentine's how every table is two-top.

It was all good. Then our pals Martha & Scott showed up and the hostess sat them right next to us. I think Scott had planned a nice quiet romantic evening, and he was stuck with us 4 feet away harassing them.
I think the fact that he wanted us to leave them alone just made it worse.

Since then, I have tried to organize large Valentine's dinners in restaurants in hopes of harassing the lovers.
I recommend this activity for Saturday night.

Wine Club One
Our pal Tori told us about her cool idea for doing this wine club thing amongst her friends. They agree on a specific wine, say Country Kwencher, and then everyone goes out and buys a bottle - assuming that people will bring different variations on vintages and vineyards, etc.
Someone volunteers as the host and provides snacks.

I have organized a wine club thingee, and we will have it's maiden voyage this weekend.
Now, to be super geeky, we will brown-bag all the wines so that it will be a blind tasting. Each bottle will be numbered and people can vote for their favorites and then be surprised when it turns out that everyone liked the cheap $4 bottle and not the $25 bottle.

I'll post our results next week.

Apparently the company I work for has a subscription to Playboy. Today, when the mail came, I was given the Playboy.

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