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Here's a picture of me taken with my web cam as I work on my computer

Morning Advice
I was leaving the subway station this morning.
Walking down one of those ugly, long corridors I could hear someone ahead of me ranting. Ranting in that crazy ranting way that we all know and love.
I came upon the person and they were super wacky. Crazy teeth, big ass 1980 glasses on like my mom wore, and a totally mixed up wardrobe that just screamed "crazy".
On top of that, I have no idea if this was a man or a woman.
In itself, that was kind of wacky.

Point is...
The person is ranting incoherently at the passing people. When I pass by, he/she looks at me and says, "If I were you, I'd use T-Mobile - they have the best service".

Of course, that was said in a real crazy, grating voice, but nonetheless, they were recommending a mobile service carrier for me.

I wanted to stop and say, "T-Mobile? Really? See, I have Verizon, and I am very happy with the reception"
And I imagine myself standing around talking to this person for a while as they tell me something about T-Mobile that I didn't know. Maybe I'd buy them a coffee and we'd laugh at people who use Sprint.
"They have no idea what they got themselves into... Have you ever dealt with their billing department?" and then we'd break down laughing.

Hey look at me at my computer
I like the whole Orkut/Friendster/social networking thing. I like clicking through the network and seeing all the nice people.
One thing that annoys me on the web is the "Here's a picture of me taken with my web cam as I work on my computer".
All the pics have that great "I am looking at the screen and seeing how this image will come out".

Maybe it's because I don't have a webcam. Maybe it's because I am a recovering photographer.
Maybe it's because it just looks stupid.

One Gig
Listen up. If you are using Outlook, don't let the PST file get over one gig. Seriously. Don't.
Take my word on this one.

Dump Stories
I don't think I am being very clear about what we are looking for on that Love Stinks thing. I guess, what I want are clever + tragic and/or funny + odd stories about being dumped.
The problem is that I receive a ton of submissions that are... well, normal.
You got dumped.
You are sad.
And there is nothing wrong with that, it's just that no one wants to read that. I believe.
Or at least I don't.

I want stories involving drunken rampages, misplaced underwear, falling into a vat of something...

Not to single out this poor person, but this is an entry I received over the weekend:
well i was told to steer clear, im 17 well nearlly 18 where as he is 24 nearlly 25, i wernt together long but he really swept me off my feet and i fell for him big time. came to valentines day, he had a football match, i was supposed to go to, i rang him and was still in bed so he would have been late. he said he would see me after football. come 9pm in evening i sensed somthing was wrong, no call and not answering his phone. 22:40 i get a txt, his gettin bk with his ex. im so hurt i was going to tell him i loved him. i had so much planned n bought for him, no sleep just tears in my house!

Funny? Nope.
Tragic? Not really.
Clever? Nope.
Drunken Rage? Nope.
Misplaced Underwear? Nope.
Fell into a vat of something? Nope.

Oh well. Love.

"big ass 1980 glasses on like my mom wore"

Richard Buchanan! Well I never!
»mom ||  2/18/2004 ||  10:38:22 AM
Didn't you know that multinational corporations are paying the homeless to rant about their products?
»pony ||  2/18/2004 ||  11:51:54 AM
that "love stinks" makes me sad.
»mr. xls ||  2/18/2004 ||  12:18:05 PM
because of the spelling?
»:r ||  2/18/2004 ||  12:28:12 PM
My PST file still hasn't gotten over that one gig.. that one where his band opened up for Zeppelin and he passed out from a cocaine and hooker fueled rampage... I say he's living in the past.

P.S. Gotta love teens who break up via text message.
»chris ||  2/18/2004 ||  1:37:37 PM
yes, because of the spelling. and becuse it makes me sad.

»mr. xls ||  2/18/2004 ||  1:45:26 PM
Warning: Computer Dork Ahead!
What is a PST file?

You want drunken rampage with fistfighting and group sex...One Love Stinks coming up...

»eve ||  2/18/2004 ||  3:41:44 PM

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