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'Rushed List of Things' live from our UK Adventure

Greetings Yanks
Here is my 'Rushed List of Things' live from our UK Adventure

1. The London Eye thing is really big - but don't call it a ferris wheel.

2. The food has been... fair.

3. The weather has been... fair.

4. Beer is good.

5. As is scotch.

6. The beds are generally lumpy. Pillows are wonkey.

7. It hasn't rained very much.

8. London cab drivers are the best.

9. The company I work for has a really nice London office and happily let me use the interweb machine.

10. I miss NYC's fine food and mixed drinks.

11. The exchange rate is about to kill us.

Oh, look! Jeff's photos from the wedding!

more soon!

The London Eye thing is really rad. You think it won't be, and then, whoa, it is.
»cromulent ||  url || 3/4/2004 ||  12:13:58 PM
"wonkey" is my favorite word in the english language... well, it's right up there with "trollop" and "inbox", at least
Maybe I should change my name to "WonkeyCracker"...
hope all is well over there... and did you try the JWGL yet?
»chris ||  3/4/2004 ||  12:52:42 PM

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