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íHola El Presidente!

The cat litter box
On the top of the pleasant smelling cat litter box, it states that the product is "Safe for Pets".
That is good to know.

Hola El Presidente!
Here is my personal prediction.
Now, this is not who I will vote for, or who I want to win, or who has the most kick-ass dirt bike.
No, this is realistically who I think will be running the country a year from now.
This is who, when I think of Febuary 2005 (2005! Ugh.) this is who I think will be blabbing on TV about someshit.

My prediction: Bush.

I like John Edwards. Same home state and all. Handsome guy. Seems sincere.
John Kerry. Like his Vietnam thing. Not sure about his senate experience.

But, like I said. This is not based on anything more than who I imagine will be in the white house next year.
That's all.
Let's prove me wrong.

HouseArrest's prediction
From Liz: My "who will be the leader of the free world" thing.

Three scary ass words
jellied head cheese

Two Subway storys that were submitted that I won't be using
I always rode the train in the days when short skirts were in fashion, and guys would press up against me in the crowded cars and hoist my skirt up from behind and rub themselves off against me. Sometimes my panties would get all sticky and wet. 30 years later it still gets me hot thinking about it.

We were on the subway after a big lunch (I finished the whole thing!) Anyway my friend bought the last one may I add coolest purse in the world at the mall before we went onthe subway. As stupid as she is leaving her new purse by the barf bag cointainer. I started not feeling so good all of the sudden we hit a big bump. I told my friend if I scream to pass me a barf bag. I screamed she actsiddently gave me her new purse me not caring took it and puke it filled her purse right away. In one vomit I was done.

We will be in the UK for a week, so robot business may be slow. I'll try to check in with funny observational humor.
"You won't believe what a 'fanny' is here!"
Wish us luck.

i am not lying when i say that my job, my profession, from the age of 16 to 21 was handling jellied head cheese. and now we have a jellied head cheese for president.
»mr. xls ||  2/27/2004 ||  7:58:13 AM
if you ever have British friends visit, be sure to take them to the fanny farmer chocolate store they'll get a big chuckle.
»qdog ||  2/27/2004 ||  8:20:23 AM
"fanny farmer"
see, the funny thing is that was my street name as a teen.
»:r ||  2/27/2004 ||  8:52:49 AM
Wait, there are barf bag containers on the subway?
»cromulent ||  url || 2/27/2004 ||  10:58:16 AM

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