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Hello England - Part II - London

Part One
Did you already read Part One? Hello England - Part I

Hello London!
We left York and it's barely drinkable coffee for the lovely town of London.

London Eye
After we checked in to our hotel, we got lunch and ended up at the London Eye. Like I said last week - "it's really big".
And by "big" I also mean "tall". It's almost twice the height of the Statue of Liberty.
My pics will be up soon - but this guy's images are spectacular

Dinner with Giles
So, I have to give a big thank-you out to Jeremey's (AKA the groom) brother Giles who got us on the right train in York and then went out with us for dinner and drinks the first night (and last) in London.
We went to a swell Thai place for dinner. I had duck with something, but Giles had this curry that he let me try and it was much better - paving the way for the food theme of my trip: I ordered the wrong thing

Dive Bar
Giles took us to one of his favorite bars which is sadly closing very soon (or did already - the 6th of March I think): the dive bar - at gerrard street.
Apart from the rather goofy 'stating the obvious' name - it was a great little bar.

There was a swell scotch store up the street from our hotel that I spent a while browsing in. I ended up buying a bottle of Mortlach to try, but the real story is about the poor clerk who helped me.
I approached this fella to get some ideas...

ME: So, I am looking for something interesting and rare, preferably done with that nice sherry cask thing because I am a big girl who likes their single malts on the fruity side.

HIM: Oh, sure. We have many, such as blah blah blah and blah blah blah.

(at this point, he seems to of lost his balance and puts his hand on the shelf for support)

HIM: you'll have to exscuse me, I am really hungover.

ME: really?

HIM: yea, I passed out at the bus stop and then woke up this morning in the hospital.

(I notice he has a nice scar on his chin)

ME: wow. I tip my hat to you.

HIM: heh, thanks. Um, hang on one sec.

(he looks suddenly very ill)

HIM: I'lll be right back

(he races to the back of the store and down some stairs)

(5 minutes later he returns)

HIM: right. OK. I feel much better. So, what you might want to try is blah blah blah......

I bought a bottle and a bunch of little airplane sized bottles for Evan & I on our respective trips back.

Message to HonkyCracker: Yes, I got some of the green!

My favorite show ever, Banzai, still alive and well on TV in England.

Phone not irritating enough?
How about The Office theme song on your phone?

Everything else
Let's see... we saw a play called 'World Music' which thankfully was not about aging NPR hippies dancing around. It was actually about genocide in Africa - basically. Or as I described it, "a lighthearted look at Rwanda".

We ate at a fine Phillipino place. Went to Harrods and had a hot Krispy Kreme donut. Did the War Room, the British Museum, and strolled through the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Ate at Belgo's, a fun Belgian place where I of course ordered the completely wrong thing.
I stopped by the London office of the company I work for and gasped at how cool it all was.
Had some kick-ass Indian at Masala Zone with Giles the last night we were there.

Walking home from out last night out in London, we saw a fox chase a cat across the street and then up a tree (er, I mean, the cat went up the tree and not the fox).
We scared the fox away and hopefully saved the cat from becoming a fox dinner.
Apparently there are lots of foxes (oh yea) in London.

Tell me.
Why do people think it's a good idea to go to the bathroom on the plane barefoot? I saw three people waiting in line for the bathroom who were barefoot.
Am I just a germ freak or is that F'd up?

i am tired. g'nite.

Green. Excellent. Good work.

And no, you're not a germ freak. If I wanted urine on my bare feet, I'd pee in the shower. More often.
»chris ||  3/9/2004 ||  12:15:19 AM
If you still have a chance, I highly recommend Talisker for scotch. I got addicted to it during my half year in Scotland. Only single malt made on the Isle of Skye in north western Scotland, and really really good stuff. Peaty, with none of the nasty aftertaste that seems to afflict even some of the nicest scotches. Give it a try. You can get it here in the States (just got a bottle the other day), but even with the insane alcohol taxes in the UK, it's cheaper there. Try to drink it in front of a castle that's aged more than a millenium. That helps too.
»stu ||  3/9/2004 ||  12:30:40 AM
um. i kinda work for talisker actually.
thanks though!
»:r ||  3/9/2004 ||  7:37:03 AM
the big eye:

but, it doesn't do anything, does it? does it wherl around with peeps in tow or is it still broken?
»mr. xls ||  3/9/2004 ||  7:59:29 AM
we went on it. went up and then down. great fun and amazing views.
»:r ||  3/9/2004 ||  9:16:31 AM
ha, that scotch swilling clerk story made me LOL. Go Brits!
»elanamatic ||  3/9/2004 ||  9:55:04 AM
Okay, officially rather jealous now. What does "kinda work for Talisker" mean, anyway?
»stu ||  3/9/2004 ||  3:54:32 PM
i try not to discuss actual work stuff here, but.. yea. you can hit the contact button and write me if you want to know more.

i have an unopened bottle in my kitchen as we speak (plus about a dozen others in random states of open-ness - much to the chagrin of my lovely wife)
»:r ||  3/10/2004 ||  9:11:19 AM

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