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old man river + mouse soup

Old Man River
*Ol' man river, that ol' man river*
Good golly, I will crack your skull if you play that song around me. There are few things I hate more than that damn song.
Paul Robeson singing it.

Holy crub I hate that song. And you know whose damn fault this is? Stupid NPR. It seems like once a year they have to do some sort of classic American music revue which means here comes Paul "old man river" Robeson singing like a freaky, deep voiced robot.

I can hear it now...

"Ol' man river, that ol' man river..."
Holy dung, I am now literally punching myself for even typing that again. Now the song is in my head and the worst thing is I don't know the words, so it's like:

"Ol' man river, that ol' man riverů He's an, um, old man, and um river"

AUGHH! I typed it again!

I am poking myself with a fork. Seriously. The pain will eventually wipe out this damn song now going through my head.
Holy shit!
Stupid old man river musical! I hate you!

Did I mention what we found when we returned from England?

Welcome home
Ah, Robot Kitty must have had a great time while we were away. We had a very nice fellow checking in on her so she was well watered and fed.
But, the highlight was finding a dead mouse in her water dish when we walked in the door.

Why the water dish?
I imagine she was trying to make mouse soup, and had the recipe, but because she's a cat with a peanut brain, she doesn't realize that she needs to heat the water.
Adele, my cat needs help with soup

Nonetheless, we cheered her name and scratched her head and gave her wet food for her doing her job - and dumped the dead waterlogged rodent in to the toilet.
Nice work there cat!

Adele, my cat needs help with soup

Three cheers for Kero's effort. Seriously, gotta love the effort.

Paul Robeson ain't so bad, if you can forgive the Old Man River bit... Interesting life that man led, that there Paul Robeson.
»chris ||  3/12/2004 ||  12:56:18 AM
i wish that dead mouse had two Xs for eyes.
»-b. ||  3/12/2004 ||  1:45:30 AM
yes, Paul was an fascinating man... when he wasn't singing old man river
»:r ||  3/12/2004 ||  8:02:41 AM
that is one sad pic of a mouse. way to go kero!
»lisa ||  3/12/2004 ||  8:16:59 AM
i love kero reading the cookbook!
»liz ||  3/12/2004 ||  8:30:28 AM
mousie was no rattie.
»pony ||  3/12/2004 ||  12:42:23 PM
You know who lives Paul Robeson? Jack Terricloth, that's who.
»cromulent ||  url || 3/12/2004 ||  1:58:22 PM
ok, i agree ol' man river is really played out - but i'll tell you what makes it such a great song: it's all about the lyric "i gets weary.. and sick of tryin'" seriously, if that doesn't strike a chord with everyone and anyone who's ever been depressed by not being able to succeed, then I don't know what to say.
»anonymous ||  3/12/2004 ||  2:20:08 PM

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