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breaking down silos and fostering trust

Calliope music
Has been playing in my head for the past couple of days.

Go team
I just spent two days at this goofy team-building thing for work. We went out to this corporate training area place and spent time building communication skills, breaking down silos, fostering trust, and drinking too much.
We also made a funny movie, but that is a totally different story - and it wouldn't be funny at all to someone that wasn't there or worked at this place.

You know, it wasn't that bad since I was with my department and other work pals, and I would say that the majority of us totally approached the whole thing from an ironic, smirking POV. It was like camp in a way, and as I write this (supposed to be doing something else) on my last day here, I almost feel like I need to run around and get everyone's address before we all leave.

I never went to a proper camp. Once, my mom signed my brother and I up for Vacation Bible School, and we bitched so much that she let us drop out after 4 days.

Bowling alley
The place we were all staying at (a former mansion type place) had a bowling alley. It apparently closes at 11:30 - although I think that the desk clerk just said that when we showed up at the front desk at 12:15am, looking drunky and wondering where the bowling alley was.

That was a real pretty snow we had the other day. We were way out in Long Island and it was all pretty and shit.
On the trees and stuff.

It's time for a facelift for the robot, so I have been working on a re-design for the main menu page, but am always open to suggestions.
Anything you wish that was on the menu? Anything that bugs you?
Have an idea for a design scheme?
Hit the contact page and let me know.

I haven't slept so well recently. My left arm hurts and I need to get to the doctor and get this all checked out, but until then I have a low, throbby pain in my arm.
All the time.
During the past couple of weeks, I have slept fine until this week.
Last night was tossing and turning and waking up all the time and having really odd (and that's all I will say) dreams.

The night before that, after drinking a bit too much of 5 billion dollar scotch and eating crap-ass overpriced Italian with some work folks, it was much worse - sleep wise.

So, I am generally fatigued.
That may explain my slight, glazed, dreamy look today.
I look like a donut.

If we were teens
I'd be making you a mix tape with vaguely suggestive songs.

happyrobot: part of the love making process
People appear to be making out a lot with people they meet on the robot.
That's all good.

SMS from Eric
Them bats is smart, they use radar

re: making out --
happyrobot gets me hot.
»-b. ||  3/19/2004 ||  1:18:50 PM
A) Agree with -b. Hardcore.
B) "If we were teens" -- y'already did, and wicked thanks.
C) Yay! and who knew?
D) re: -b.'s earlier comment. Je suis d'accord. (Apparently I speak French in my sleep.)
E) What are you doing Sat. night?
F) After 3 days without interweb (thanks CBS), fixed mon pere's computer in CT and now I'm going Robot-Crazy!
If he finds out I fucked with his shit, I'm toast. 26 year old toast. And I think his dog is about to tell on me.
Go Huskies!

»chris ||  3/20/2004 ||  3:03:51 AM
Hey, I just developed this web application called C0NNECTS! it was an idea I came up with a couple years ago about community based browsing of the web. Anyway, why am I bothering you with this? well, part of the deal is that this focuses on blogging. I'm looking for some opinions from bloggers and webmasters.

If you have the time please look at this site and tell me what I can do to improve it in your eyes. Think of this as an AOL sort of experience, you may want to bring someone as it's best with two or more people. (remember to use the LOAD button)

Much thanks,

»brent ||  3/20/2004 ||  1:17:48 PM
I was surfing the web and found some really useful information of your site! Thanks!
Greetings from Cuba.
»chris ||  3/21/2004 ||  4:21:29 AM
i tried his app.
i have no friggin idea what is going on there.
an AOL sort of thing?
what does that mean?
»:r ||  3/22/2004 ||  1:51:47 PM

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