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Real Player + Kangaroo + Hamas

Real Stupid
The Sunday Times has an article about *poor* Real Networks, creators of the infamous Real Player. The article is about them trying to achieve market share in the somewhat lucrative download-music market and their current suit against Microsoft for some sort of unfair practice involving their crappy media player (it's like the lesser of two evils here, eh?).

Now, by no means am I loyal Microsoft follower (go ahead though and notice all the .asp pages), but this article completely paints Real Networks as this innocent company (compares them to Netscape) that is trying to scrape out an existence while big mean MS is getting in the way.
The article doesn't make one mention of the creepyness of Real's software, their incredibly crappy user interface of their site and the actual program, and some suspiciously suspicious privacy issues that have come up with them over the years.

Oh, and that the software has stunk since day one.
No mention.

Here's the NYT article:
Musical Chairs With the Big Boys

Other articles:
  • Microsoft just one factor in Net pioneer's chaotic history

  • Microsoft Has Right to Build Products the Way It Chooses

  • Car Talk: "we're unceremoniously dumping RealMedia"

  • Hello Hamas
    Was it just that liberal media biasis or something, but did I catch myself feeling sorry for this Hamas fellow that was killed by the Israelis this morning?
    I am listening to the BBC, and they are interviewing a Palestinian guy and an Israeli guy - and good golly… things are just going to get worse.
    Palestinian guy: Get out of our country!
    Israeli guy: Get out of OUR country!
    Palestinian guy: Your people stink!
    Israeli guy: No, YOUR people stink!
    Palestinian guy: You guys are losers!
    Israeli guy: No, YOU guys are losers!

    Robert Young Pelton
    I am a big fan of Pelton's 'World's Most Dangerous Places' travel guide - it is a great read and I heartily recommend it to anyone. Last night I was reading the chapter about Afghanistan… fascinating and infuriating stuff there. The connection between the Taliban and the US that existed until *very* recently will make you cranky.
    Oh, but his chapter on Israel is pretty great, although the website version doesn't have the same amount of zip. His article on Hamas isn't bad, though.

    This made me laugh, though:
    In March 1998, hackers attacked the Prime Minister Netanyahu's Netvision Web site, redirecting it to the Penthouse site. Netanyahu's wife's site led visitors to Playgirl magazine. The Israeli government has not decided which Palestinian Web sites to rocket yet.

    MattyJ + JackiePony = 718
    M&J are moving back to Brooklyn!

    Happy Wedding to Robin & Josh
    R&J tied the knot Saturday night, and it was a fine time had by all.
    Robin looked lovely and Josh was quite handsome.
    It was all good.

    I did have an odd experience with a bartender, though. I ordered a scotch and ginger-ale and she filled a wine glass with scotch.
    I then said, "um, I wanted ginger ale in that, too"
    So, she topped it off with ginger ale. Of course, there was actually no space left in the glass so the ginger ale and scotch just poured over the edges and all over the bar. It took her a good 2 or 3 seconds to realize what she had done.

    From the co-worker mailbag:

    My Uncle Roasted a Kangaroo
    My uncle roasted a kangarooooooo
    gave me the grizzly end to cheeeeewwww
    was that a very nice thing to dooooo?
    to give me the grizly, end of the kangarooo to chew?

    this just in... Hamas sez:
    "The group vowed that Islamic groups around the world will join together to retaliate for the assassination and implied that the United States could be a target"

    great. now we are involved (even more so).
    »:r ||  3/22/2004 ||  10:55:10 AM
    As if they needed another reason to target the US. but it is dangerous to say that the US gets targeted because of israel. I'll be that there are loads of ppl in the states who think that the world hates the US solely because it supports Israel. The US policy in the Mideast is far more complex and insidious than the support of Israel. It goes back to a cold war policy that funded any crackpot that was anti-soviet.
    More immediately, 100's of israeli civilians are going to die. Soon. Many of them rational, peace-loving people who do not support the sharon gov't's (and their policy of targeted assasinations). I don't understand this. It makes no sense. Why would they sacrifice their peopel like this? I am scared. For everyone.
    »pony ||  3/22/2004 ||  11:11:23 AM
    i know, i know. it's just my methodist 'why can't they work it out over there it's giving me a headache, here's some fried chicken and iced tea' mentality.
    i know we are involved.
    i just like to rant and complain.
    »:r ||  3/22/2004 ||  12:09:27 PM
    Let's all attack our enemies with porn.
    »chris ||  3/22/2004 ||  11:07:07 PM

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