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5 questions for John in India + true statements

5 questions for John in India
1. what did you have for breakfast today?
Toast with jam (I was sick)

2. how many monkeys have you seen so far?
One on tv

3. how was your flight?
The great news is Sonata works!! So my flight from London to Mumbai was actually very pleasant since I slept for most of it. NYC to London however was a trainwreck, granted a trainwreck in the air.

4. did you bring comfortable walking shoes?
I did and they're getting a workout

5. are you now out-sourcing yourself?
Right now there's a shortage on sideburns, once that subsides yes I will be outsourcing all my alleged "intellectual" properties.

Today with many true statements
I was lost in a mall

I ate crappy Peruvian food

I had a big bowl of oatmeal

I met nice people

I bought everyone lunch

The train ride to Connecticut was nice

The amount of work-related to non-work-related emails in my inbox is about 2:1

I turned down a meeting request because I am going shopping at that time and had my mind all set on doing it - meeting be damned

He said that if you get angry at people it will just come back worse to you - and I believed him

Two minutes later, I grimaced at a guy in a car and called him a jerk

People who I had known just from the phone and web looked different when I met them. Except that one girl - she looked like I kind of expected.

I was a lame corporate spy

I am a doctor

That lady looks like she's going to be ill

Random Out Context quote of the day from my INBOX
yugosolvian sporadic fishing?

Wine Club II Soon!
If you are in NYC and not a murderer... and like wine, let me know.

Robots in the city
Oh yea, I think there are some robots in town this weekend.
That should be fun.
I think I am hosting a scotch tasting for Honky & Tim.

SMS Mailing List
I am thinking of starting a SMS/Phone email list. It wouldn't be a normal email newsletter, but just a weekly newsletter of one sentence.
Like "yugosolvian sporadic fishing"
That would be fun, eh?
yugosolvian sporadic fishing

hot damn, robots in the city. i'm in...
»liz ||  3/24/2004 ||  9:38:27 AM
i wish i was going to smelly town
»n8 ||  3/24/2004 ||  10:10:39 AM
:r i love the wine but will have to wait until May to partake in a wine party ... please include me next time!

robots in town this weekend? Want to try a new place? Friday night i will be at the Nancy Whiskey Pub why don't you all join me!
»k ||  3/24/2004 ||  10:36:37 AM
You mean we won't all meet at Magician, AKA "This girl is having a birthday party there and they'lll take over all the tables and sit on their upper west side middle aged asses and eat cake and take over the whole bar while i try to have a small robot gathering"
oh darn
»:r ||  3/24/2004 ||  12:04:09 PM
rich - i live in NYC. true
i love wine. true
i am not a murderer. true
i'd love to be in wine club dos. true
»december! ||  3/24/2004 ||  12:18:15 PM
I wannnnna come!
»pony ||  3/24/2004 ||  3:01:23 PM

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