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Wine Club #2: Pinot Noir + new camera

Wine Club II
Sunday was Wine Club. We hosted it this time and had ten bottles of Pinot Noir to taste - all went well. Mrs. Robot bought lots of snacks.
No glasses broke.
Very nice time.
Below are the results. The price for the top ones was in the 12$ range - the pricier ones failed to place.

:: Tied for first place ::
Stone Hedge - 2001
comments: "mmm. Bold, defiant and frisky as hell!"
"Really like this. Warm, slightly s--------" (can't read the handwriting, but it looks like 'sneaky')

Robert Mondavi - 2001
comments: "very drinkable, smooth, lovely"

:: Second Place ::

HRM Rex Goliath - 2001
Comments: "tons of cheery. Yum!"
"pleasant and soft"
"good nose, plumy, tannic"
"funny label"

:: Third Place ::
Hayman & Hill - 2001
Comments: "spicy, earthy nose, sweetish"
"I'm getting something floral"

Happy Ending
Amanda Stern hosts these great readings every Wednesday at Happy Ending. Our pal Joanna read from her almost-finished novel (very few robots, monkeys, or pirates in the storyline it seems) and our pal Harrison's band The Grocery Concern played between the readers.
It was all good.
That was until Tamara showed up.

Damn you Tamara!
Tamara shows up at the reading and shows me her new camera. Stupid! Why did she show it to me?! Why did I so fall in love that I owned the same camera within 48 hours?!
It's a fine camera so far.
The Canon Powershot SD10. I'll post a long review of it when I finally sit down and actually play with all the features.
Oh, and it's tiny as hell
Spin it!

Friday night
That was a fun one.
Had dinner at Les Halles, which was quite tasty.

Matthew's Best Hit TV
Remember in Lost in Translation when Bill Murray's character is on that nutty talk show?
I didn't realize that was a real show in Japan.
Matthew's Best Hit TV

thanks to liz!
Robots in the haus
Tim! and HonkyCracker were in town this weekend.
We all met for dinner with Honky's girliefriend Becky and fellow robot support staff member Liz.
Btw, chalk up one more "People making out due to this dumb site" since Honk and Becky 'met' via the robot.
Hell ya! This robot makes people make out!

We went to Ginger for sushi (of course) and it rocked the house.

Getting home
OK, Saturday night. WTF was going on in the city? Was it friggin amateur night? How many bachelor and bachelorette parties can be scheduled on one night?
The East Village was just annoying as hell.
Have there always been tons of frat boys in the East Village? Or is just because I don't ever seem to get around there on the weekends?

Our commute back to Brooklyn took an hour and a half.
No cabs. No cabs. Cabs with people vomiting out the side of them. No cabs. Decide to try trains. No trains. No trains. No trains.
Go back up to street and finally plead with an off-duty driver to just get us across the bridge.

rich- who are these people who use the word "tanic"?
are they from asheville?
»anne ||  3/29/2004 ||  1:06:43 AM
sorry you guys had a rough time getting home... i managed to get the r at whitehall and then to cab it home from clinton street. hanging out was fun. viva tim and chris and all the robots!
»liz ||  3/29/2004 ||  6:42:56 AM
ha. no.
just 'wineys'
»:r ||  3/29/2004 ||  9:58:02 AM
:r - yes just so you know Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the new Fridays and Saturdays - no one over 30 goes out on the weekends anymore ... I realized this just 3 weeks ago. ... sorry I didn't share this info sooner
»k ||  3/29/2004 ||  10:55:43 AM
Did you all get drunkey?
»pony ||  3/29/2004 ||  1:56:24 PM
amazingly, we didn't get very drunky
»:r ||  3/29/2004 ||  2:56:08 PM
viva this dumb site!
(whoa! just noticed that my thumb subconsciously performs the "Townsend Cheat"... even when I'm just pointing at something and not playing guitar...)
»chris ||  3/30/2004 ||  12:56:20 AM
crap! we shoulda given you the weirdo car cab driver.
»chris ||  3/30/2004 ||  12:58:40 AM

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