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Dear girl who gave me the snotty look

It was odd, because I noticed that she gave me this snotty look.

I needed to get some money and had stopped at the ATM place, but first had to get past the door you know, I had to use my card to get the door to the ATM area open in the first place.

Now, my ATM card gets used a lot and the magnetic strip is barely there anymore. It does not work in these doors because it's so weak so I have to fish out one of my other cards. There I am fishing into my wallet for a card that might work and looking a little discombobulated.

She is leaving the ATM area and comes rushing through the door and naturally I am in her way because I am trying to get into the ATM area.
She gives me this real snotty look.

Dear girl who gave me the snotty look,
Sorry I was in your way.
I thought you might want to know that when I got the ATM machine it asked me if I wanted to make another transaction.
Yea, the ATM you were using.
I clicked, "NO".

Then the ATM spit your card out.

You left your card in the machine.
Your stupid Citibank Mastercard.

Based on your snotty first impression, I should of used it to buy the following items:

1. A camera for Mrs. Robot
2. A mixed case of wine
3. Dinner
4. New trousers
5. New shoes

I didn't.
I actually knocked on the glass of the bank and mimed what happened to some lady there. I then slid the card under the door.
Maybe that bank will call you. Maybe the lady took your card and bought 5 items for herself.

Beats me.
But, yea. That other bank has your card.


»dred pirate davey ||  3/31/2004 ||  7:29:48 AM
dang rude girls!
»dred pirate davey ||  3/31/2004 ||  7:31:29 AM
dumbass trick bitch whore slap futnucker. bet she fels wicked dumb.
»chris ||  3/31/2004 ||  11:21:05 AM
she's as stupid as i am drunk! **blargh!**
»dred pirate davey ||  3/31/2004 ||  4:01:51 PM
FYI - ATM Machine is redundant. Should just be ATM, not Automated Teller Machine Machine.
»red ||  3/31/2004 ||  5:10:32 PM

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