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Outing the Secret Olsen Twin Fan Club

Secret Olsen Twin Fan Club
Well, the first rule of Secret Olsen Twin Fan Club was that you don't friggin talk about Secret Olsen Twin Fan Club.
But, things have changed.

Last night I was at some sort of party/event/cocktail/hob-nob and a female person who shall rename nameless says to me, "My name is Reba, and those Olsen Twins are hot".


The whole female acknowledgement of the fact that, yes, those annoying singing Full House Bob Saggett liking monkey looking babies have grown up into real live women who are easy on the eyes really validates the Secret Olsen Twin Fan Club.

So, I propose the first meeting and official coming out of the Secret Olsen Twin Fan Club by having all of us attend the opening of their new movie that opens sometime in May. I could give you the exact date, but I swear that the IT staff is watching my internet traffic, so I don't need that many more hits to their website.

That Nickelodeon thing where they got slimed
The Olsen gals were on some Nickelodeon awards show (Kids Choice Awards? Children are the Future Awards?) where they got 'slimed'. Oddly, this was like one of the most popular images on Yahoo for a like a week because of all the dirty old men looking at it.

A nameless friend of mine, who will actually really remain nameless unlike the last friend, passed along a funny story about watching this actual show (Children! Future!) with his wife who tends to roll her eyes at any mention of the Olsens.
dude i saw that on the teevee. in slo motion. i was like "i don't care what anyone says, that is seriously hott".
[unnamed wife] replied "sigh."

Amazon Wish Lists!
Those rock! Imagine my surprise when I get in this morning and I have an Amazon box on my chair waiting for me.
Thanks for the Shins CD!

Now, should I publically thank the person? Probably shouldn't.

Pixies Live Show
That is all I have been listening to. Wow.
They sound rock and roll kick ass great.
It must be fun to come back and do all the songs... hindsight and maturity and all that.
If you like them Pixies and haven't downloaded the tracks you are missing some great stuff.

I can't believe some of those pictures. Especially the 2nd one. I mean it's like they're seriously setting themselves up for some serious twin-on-twin softcore in the future.

And, oh yeah, holy shit do them Pixies rock my ass. Like, Wicked Holy Shit. We're talkin' Pope-ass Holy.
»chris ||  4/23/2004 ||  11:27:36 AM
have i mentioned i am seeing the PiXieS next Sat?!?!? Unfortunately, I do not believe i will be seeing the olsen twins next saturday.
»mr. xls ||  4/23/2004 ||  3:47:20 PM
that would be a show, though.
»:r ||  4/23/2004 ||  4:05:18 PM
rich, I'm a little disapointed, but also a little pleased with this Olsen Twin thing. First rule . . .
yeah, I wouldn't talk about it too much if I were you.. . (freak!)
I mean that in a nice way.
»anne ||  4/25/2004 ||  3:48:10 AM

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