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Damn Freedom Haters

Evil Doers
I am listening to some person on the radio ranting about terrorists and how they hate America.
They hate America.
They hate freedom.
They hate modernity.
They hate democracy.

OK, call the Homeland Security Department, because I may come off as a coddler of terrorists.

First: hating democracy
I find this concept a bit odd, especially with our born-again president. The hatred of democracy, from what I understand, is based on the fact that fundamentalist correctly view democracy as a secular concept.
Democracy is system of man ruling man, where as a lot of religious folk would want to follow the system of people following the almighty (however that works).
Now, I know that goes against our 'US freedom to practice religion' concept, but is there a chance that maybe that system works in some societies or cultures.

Is democracy the end-all-be-all?
Is it really the perfect solution for all?

Second: hating modernity
Even though I am a wannabe techie geek and live and die by the internet, where does hating 'modern' things make one an evil doer?
There are many days where I think I could trade in the job (that may happen without my doing) and go live on a mountain somewhere and eek out some sort of honest life growing my own food, shooting animals, chopping wood, and being exhausted and dirty 24-7.

Third: hating freedom
I think we are all confused by who hates what freedoms.
For instance, the American 'freedom of religion' part of me says that France has no right to ban Islamic head coverings from being worn in schools there.
I suppose crazy fundamentalist nuts hate my wife's freedom to wear kicky skirts and work outside the home.
I hate the fact that the new restaurant on our block (Aqua - Smith Street) had the freedom to use their band-saws late into night - causing their prime demographic to lay in bed half-asleep cursing them everytime they cut wood.

See, I hate freedom, too.

Pat is in Iraq protecting my right to write all this while freedom haters try to hate him - that's the irony of it all.

In other news: product plug
I bought a new, Logitech Wireless Mouse, and boy oh boy is it cool.
Recommend? Yes!
Logitech Cordless Click!(TM) Plus Optical Mouse

Do we like the new look?
I do. Actually, I like it more than I did. It has grown on me (much like my belly) - although I am still getting used to the new area for the robot filter. I like where it is, I am just not used to where it is.

Camel Ass Testing Facility
Did you see McSweeney's today?
saddam's interrogation logs
Interrogation commenced: 0940 hours
Colonel Beckwith and I told SH that we didn't think it was particularly funny that he had us looking for "Monkey Valley" and the "Camel Ass Testing Facility" when, it turned out, there were no such locations. Also, we told him we were unable to verify the existence of Mohammad Mohahaha and we do not believe his claims of having built an "infidel ray." We told him that, as a result of our disappointment, we would be denying his TV access. He said TV sucks anyway because they don't sing about him anymore.
Interrogation terminated: 1100 hours

- - - -

Interrogation commenced: 0250 hours
I roused SH from his slumbers and told him Tariq Aziz was on the phone and wanted to know where the VX gas was. Didn't bite.
Interrogation terminated: 0252 hours

it seems to me and my wee small brain that the big problem is not necessarily that Bush And His Crew wants Iraq to have freedom of choice and religion -- cuz, to your point, the Iraqis might just choose to stick with their current system -- but that Bush wants to impose upon them what HE sees as the right choices and the right religion.
i dunno?
»-b. ||  4/20/2004 ||  3:41:43 PM
so I am kinda pissed that you are making me think the day after the marathon, but good work! I think the hate Democracy thing is just propaganda towards the 'Mercan public. They can't focus on hating commies so they just turn it around on us. etc. I have more to say but I am tired.

Oh Emm Gee! That Mc'Sweenies rocks my hiney!
»mr. xls ||  4/20/2004 ||  3:59:28 PM
Aren't they fighting for the freedom to take their oil? In terms of personal freedom resolutions in the UN, the US votes more often with Iran than Holland, or someshit I read. But it is weird, cuz the US was founded by puritans, and they have come full circle, back to puritanism in state and religious matters, but away from the urge for laissez faire freedom that they fought so hard for. But you know this, of course. And everthing with a spin is propaganda, Ma-an. When the end of the world comes, I want you on my mountain. And that McSweeney's thing is hilarious.
»pony ||  4/20/2004 ||  4:12:35 PM
you guys write the best comments.

I really think my big annoyance is the idiotic simplification of the whole region.
how GWB has to break it down in easy to swallow parts for Joe SixPack (or for himself).
makes me cranky.
»:r ||  4/20/2004 ||  4:25:34 PM
So let's see.. the youngest age a person can run for President is 35, no? And, let's see.. in 2008 you will be... ?

»chris ||  4/20/2004 ||  5:04:40 PM
»:r ||  4/21/2004 ||  8:33:30 AM

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