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Corporate Divorce

Massive Re-Org
Holy crap.
The company I work for is a joint venture - we have two parents.
One of the parents, I don't mind, but honestly, I don't work a lot with them.
The other, well, I abhor.
I despise.
I spit on.

Today we had a huge company wide conference call where the CEO announced that we are getting a divorce.
We are kicking one of the companies out.
Good news is: It's the company I spit on.
Bad news: No idea what that means for me on a paycheck/job level.

The whole office is walking around all freaky (imagine our whole building walking around).

So, there will be lay-offs because, well, some people will be redundant. Lay-offs really really screw people up.

I survived one round of lay-offs at the dot-com place I worked at. That was painful, and I was just a peon and not the person who had to make the calls on who would go.
I drank a lot that day.
Let's not talk about it.

Then, a bit later, the company ran out of cash (those stupid pricey lightbulbs) and we all got laid off.
Now, I am a workplace paranoid.
Even when people joke about firing me or that there will be lay-offs, I always think, "they might not be kidding".

I'm scarred from the past experiences.
I'm paranoid and shell-shocked right now.
But, I think it'll all turn out fine.
Fingers crossed.


We will survive! Just stock up on yer likker!
»reba ||  4/16/2004 ||  2:07:25 PM
lick your stocker. drink.
»stock boy ||  4/16/2004 ||  2:27:58 PM
the fear that is the "lay-off" rumour is hideous and de-humanizing. breath deep & remind yourself, your momma didn't bear you to be no corporate lackey- she just wanted you to burp up that gas and sleep through the night- you're way too cool for this (this is what you whisper to yourself- when "The girl from Iponema" song pauses to rewind.
»anne ||  4/16/2004 ||  7:09:40 PM
how hard would it be to turn the robot into a commercial enterprise, i wonder... i mean, lots of people do it, all the time, like.
»cryfok ||  4/17/2004 ||  11:03:22 AM
HappyRobot TV is the answer.
»chris ||  4/20/2004 ||  12:25:13 PM

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