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Work Woe - Updates and all that

-- 12:00am --
Ah, another post of my ever not-so-exciting work woes.
It's Monday. Eleven hours to go.

My internal "odds" thing has changed a bit since I last wrote anything.
As of midnight, I am looking at:
Stay: 33%
Laid off: 33%
Transfer: 33%

Back to even.

Quiet weekend. Got sunburned. Slept a lot. Rode my bike.
Stay tuned for updates as they happen.

In the meantime
View some images from Eric's karaoke bachelor shindig

-- 9:30am --
This was the most lethargic commute ever. I waited for lights to change, didn't cut corners.
I literally stumbled through intersections like a 13 year old teen that doesn't want to go to the doctor.
Dragging my feet.

My stomach feels icky.
Current odds unchanged.
Stay: 33%
Laid off: 33%
Transfer: 33%

In other news, Mrs. Robot is in Wisconsin working on this documentary and went to some sort of small town parade yesterday. Naturally, there were Shriners on little mini-bikes doing their thing but tragically, there was a Shriners mini-bike wreck.
Two Shriners got taken away in an ambulance.

-- 9:35am --
Robot pal and co-worker Reba just got the call and is off to meet with the department head folks.
Let's all wish her luck.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts.

-- 9:55am --
Sadly, my odds just got better.
My old boss (or one of them.. it's all very convoluted) was let go - although he assures me that with his very good severance and his Fire Island time-share that he will be all right.
Stay: 50%
Laid off: 25%
Transfer: 25%

-- 10:15am --
We just lost another guy in our department. Honestly, he's the one I really can't imagine how some departments can survive without his help.
My odds? Well. They are down again, because letting this one guy go makes no sense whatsoever.
Now, I am thinking someone is making crazy descisions.
Stay: 40%
Laid off: 30%
Transfer: 30%

-- 11:10am --
Stay: 100%
Laid off: 0%
Transfer: 0%

Woo hoo!

Are you up for lunchtime martinis? To celebrate or drown our sorrows, or at least use up the last of the T&E!
»reba ||  5/17/2004 ||  8:19:10 AM
hey, where's all the chicks?

oh . . . yeah . . . it was a bachelor party . . .
»mr. xls ||  5/17/2004 ||  8:42:33 AM
»triple ex ||  5/17/2004 ||  11:56:09 AM
»lisa ||  5/17/2004 ||  11:56:40 AM
»pony ||  5/17/2004 ||  12:19:26 PM
congrats! go out and drink yourself silly!
»mr. xls ||  5/17/2004 ||  12:22:23 PM
Yay!! Congratulations. what a relief!!! Hope you had a fine liquid lunch.
»jackie ||  5/17/2004 ||  3:56:15 PM
»cromulent ||  5/17/2004 ||  5:17:56 PM
woo! i had horrible horrible nightmares that you'd have nothing else to do but waste hundreds (more) hours on happyrobot yumminess. (o, probably *your* nightmare -- my dream)

congrats, and thank our internet gods!
»-b. ||  5/17/2004 ||  8:00:43 PM
Finally had time to read this today. I gotta say, you had me a little worried there.
I just bought me a bottle of JWBL, and I'm raisin' the first glass to you.
Who the hell announces layoffs on a Friday?
One Robot to Rule them All.
»chris ||  5/17/2004 ||  10:38:15 PM

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