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Work Woe

Holy Crap
This sucks.
Everyone got an email a few days back about his or her re-org meetings on Monday. These meetings are all like 10 minutes long and we individually meet with our department heads who then either
- put hoods on our heads, strip us naked and point at our genitalia
- we are told that we still have some sort of job here.

The Options
The three choices I have in the order of preference:
  • Stay where I am

  • Get Laid off

  • Get transferred to retarded former-parent company

  • The Odds
    I have been mentally figuring out my odds and they look worse and worse as the day goes by - but I have a hard time figuring out if this is just my natural paranoia and anxiety kicking in and affecting the numbers.

    On Wednesday, these were my odds:
    Stay: 33%
    Laid off: 33%
    Transfer: 33%

    Yesterday, as I was kicking ass on seemingly a dozen different projects I was thinking, "no way are they losing me - I do too much work that no one else knows how to do" and my odds changed:

    Stay: 40%
    Laid off: 20%
    Transfer: 40%

    Today, I met with my immediate boss and the meeting was like a.. um, a real up and downy line.
    The first minutes he was talking about how the CEO knows my name and mentioned something about me in a board meeting ("dude, he has a vish ass") and my odds were looking good.
    Then he tells me how the small the "new" company will be, meaning that no matter what, there will be a ton of people gone one way or another.
    Odds swing to the bad side.

    "but, so-and-so really likes you" - Odds look good
    "we'll all get laid off" - Odds look bad
    "that one guy wants you dead" - Odds look really bad
    "you're invaluable" - Whoops! Back up again!

    And on and on and on and on and up and
    it went.

    Current Odds as off 3pm Friday
    Stay: 20%
    Laid off: 20%
    Transfer: 60%

    My meeting is Monday morning. I'll post updates then.
    This weekend… I have no idea how I will handle it.
    I can feel the stress related heartburn and imaginary ulcers already forming.
    I generally don't feel well.

    No one is in the office. I think I'll leave.

    See ya!

    dude. having been in the music industry for the past 6+ years i totally hear your pain. there will likely be layoffs if we merge with other member of the big 5. there will likely be layoffs if we don;t merge. there will also likely be layoffs in the interim. it's so fun. and so fuckin' depressing.
    »elanamatic ||  5/14/2004 ||  3:30:16 PM
    oh and my fave line from upper mgmt is: we all have transferable skills.

    thanks, i will sleep better now for sure.
    »elanamatic ||  5/14/2004 ||  3:30:44 PM
    i can't believe you have to sweat it out over the weekend. bastards!
    »lisa ||  5/14/2004 ||  3:41:13 PM
    hold tight, monkey! Jobs are like a box of chocolate. Sometimes you find that some fucker has taken a bite our of each of them. Other times there are only fruit creams. Or maybe you will find there is a second layer, you know? Like a secret compartment.
    »pony ||  5/14/2004 ||  3:43:29 PM
    drink sterno!

    at my last job (i was there for 3 years) there were lay offs about every 3 months. each time i was convinced it would be me. my boss once told me: "if you'd like to be layed off next, just give me the word and I can make it happen." eventually I left on my own; about 3 weeks before the next round of layoffs. ugh.

    good luck!
    »mr. xls ||  5/14/2004 ||  3:44:08 PM
    »n8 ||  5/14/2004 ||  3:49:18 PM
    anyone seen the scotch? oh, yea. there it is.
    »:r ||  5/14/2004 ||  4:29:29 PM
    I'm thinking it is time for you to make good use of all that booze you showed us last week.
    »de ||  5/14/2004 ||  4:30:35 PM
    stay strong, o captain my captain
    »cromulent ||  5/14/2004 ||  4:39:13 PM
    what a freakin' mind game these wankers are playing----don't they realize that you have WORK to do----yeesh.
    »sunshine jen ||  5/14/2004 ||  6:58:01 PM
    Hey rich. goodluck (x 3).
    Also, quite off the subject, I actually had to look up your slang term 'vish'. I just love it. It's very cool. So..thanks.
    »eve ||  5/14/2004 ||  9:41:06 PM
    i guess i should just shut the fuck up and stop complaining about my job every day ... hold tight monkey ... which ever way it turns out you have 40 bottles of booze to get you through it.
    »k ||  5/14/2004 ||  9:43:51 PM

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