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The Cleveland Superbomb

The Cleveland Superbomb
I don't even know where to start with this. Cleveland Superbomb - is that not the coolest name for just about anything?
Why isn't there a band called Cleveland Superbomb? And most importantly, why am I not in a band called the Cleveland Superbomb?

I'll Field That
1. You don't play an instrument
2. You can't really keep a beat
3. You really have too much on your proverbial plate to think about starting a band anyway - no matter how cool it would be if the band were named Clevland Superbomb.

The Who & What regarding the The Cleveland Superbomb
1978...A paralyzing blizzard struck the Midwest. This extremely powerful storm, known as the "Cleveland superbomb", set record low barometric pressure readings from Atlanta, GA to Ontario, Canada. The central pressure of the storm dropped to 957 millibars (28.26 inches) -- very rare for a storm over land. One to three feet of snow fell in Michigan, and 20 to 40 inches was reported across Indiana. Winds reached 70 mph in Michigan and gusted above 100 mph in Ohio. The high winds produced snow drifts twenty feet high in Michigan and Indiana stranding thousands on the interstate highways. Temperatures in Ohio dropped from the 40s to near zero during the storm. (David Ludlum) (Intellicast)

Much like Rance, I think I will start answering the comments on the Robot Journal.
RE: HapBotCon - Boston 2004

Reba, listen, nothing personal, but these Boston folks were really good - and this is coming from someone who has spent many a night listening to our pals screaming into the mic at the Karoke bar.
No, really. Trust me on this one.

Kelly, I'll try to come participate with your homies for karoke one day so I can do a compare and contrast.

Lexie and Jesus
My sister-in-law (Hi Suzy!) has this little border collie named Lexie. Lexie is a goofball, but in a good, goofball dog way.
The other night we were looking at that great 'Jesus - With you Always' website and saw the 'veterinarian' drawing, and the dog kinda looks like Lexie. Or, is a similar dog at least.

We imagined that Jesus was there helping Lexie find snacks.
(just ignore the vet. and have a glass of wine.)
"Lexie, I'm here with you always... now, let's find some cookies. Lexie... cookies..."

And Now, Police Blotters
I do love them (I wrote about them last year). Someone posted a blurb on the People Say thing last night that was from a police blotter and I did some research (i.e. googled it) and found the actual page.
Some great stuff courtesy of the Arlington, MA police department...

  • police responded to the Donald R. Marquis Minuteman Trail concerning a man staring at girls. An officer spoke to the man, who said he was only saying "hello."

  • an employee at a Broadway business reported someone stole a box of lollipops from the lobby.

  • police received a call on Fremont Street regarding a woman finding a suspicious item on her front stairs. She thought the item was a tracking device. Police responded and found the item was a plastic identification wrist band from a hospital. There was no problem.

  • police responded to Prentiss Road concerning youths smoking on a footbridge. They left before police arrived.

  • a Scituate Street resident reported someone was harassing her by sending food to her home.

  • From the BeeNews
  • A 10-year-old boy heard noises in his bedroom on Marine Drive, Amherst; the mother did not check it out. Boy called police.

  • A man overheard youths talk about a crack in his fence on Cambridge Square, Amherst; he thinks they're up to no good.

  • A hysterical female home alone on Clearwater Drive, Amherst, reported wasps were coming into the kitchen from a nest in a gutter then a hole in the drywall.

  • Then there are the smart-ass police blotters
  • 9:27 a.m. A man said that a month after a dog had snapped at him at a Plaza business, he was now receiving threats from an employee. Well, they weren't threats, he later conceded, but "evil stares.''

  • Oh, then there is Cambodia...
  • APRIL 22: Se Man, 55, was arrested for a murder she committed four months ago in Pra Phnom village, Kampot province. The woman confessed to police that she killed a son-in-law, Kim Boeun, 28, because he attempted to rape her daughter, a younger sister of his wife. Using a stick as a weapon Se Man smashed his testicles and later killed him, then buried his body in a dried up pond. Police are looking for four people who were involved in the murder.

  • APRIL 24: Ly Mar, 37, was found hanged at her house in Trea village, Meachey district, Phnom Penh. Police said the woman committed suicide with a nylon line. She left a written message that said: "I'm a stupid woman, if I'm alive, no meaning, so dying is better. I die because of my stupidity. I wish to apologise to everybody, goodbye forever."

  • cleveland superbomb is the best name for a band- you have to take it and be that band- do it like you do the porn films- a la website!
    if you've got a band website, you are a band- - quick, before it's taken
    those boston cops- yes, go check out the teens smoking- just step over the heroin overdose lady- she aint' going nowhere.
    »anne ||  5/12/2004 ||  11:55:21 PM
    i think i was stuck in the cleveland superbomb in a VW bus with my parents at age 4. no joke. it is in my brain somewhere.

    nice work on the police blotter. i read the arlington blotter every week and was thinking of incorporating it into my column. maybe if we go back to doing the "themed fridays" we could all post from our local police blotter and then form a story around it . . . like McSweeneys kind-of-used-to-do back before they were a mega-conglomorate-media-empire.
    »mr. xls ||  5/13/2004 ||  8:21:04 AM
    Too bad there is no way to search the Arlington, MA Police Log Archives. Does a police log on the interweb count towards a person's 15 minutes of fame? Just curious.
    »binx ||  5/14/2004 ||  10:10:24 AM

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