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HapBotCon - Boston 2004

HapBotCon was great fun this weekend
First, let me apologize to the few Boston people who I didn't get in touch with or who I did, but then didn't followup with.
The trip to Boston was planned at the very very last minute, so it was amazing I was able to remember to pack Mrs. Robot.

¡Hola Boston!
First, my rental car only had 24 miles on it - all brand new and stuff.
We arrived in Boston Saturday afternoon, dropped off our stuff at the hotel and then met with everyone at this bar… something about a 'druid'.
It was great fun to see / meet everyone. HonkyCracker and his smooching pal Becky were there, and this was the first time I had actually met Klutch, Q-Dog, and Nate which was awesome and way overdue.

Note: I didn't get in a knife fight once the entire night.

At the bar they served delightful dishes that included French fries and sausage. And nachos. After many beers and snacks, it was of course time to eat dinner, so we strolled over to this grill type place that was very nice. Nate and I both had the tuna steak and spent dinner discussing how we prepare our tuna steaks at home, plus live shows we have been to and the band KISS in general.

After dinner, we retired to this bar down the street that provided entertainment via karaoke.
Oh, my. It was great fun.
The beginning of the evening was awesome because the quality of singers was way more interesting. My favorite either had to be:

-- Man and Woman singing that song from Grease. You know the one.. the "summer loving" one. Perhaps that's the name of the song. I don't know. But, they were great because their enthusiasm was, um, lacking. Completely. It was if they were singing before their root cannel.

-- The Man who may have had the hearing impairment. Now, this isn't funny, I know, but... well.
It was pretty awesome.

From our group, I think about everyone sang. And by "everyone" I mean "everyone except me". Klutch sang a marvelous "Buddy Holly". Becky and Q-Dog both did great songs, but I can't remember who did what for some reason. HonkyCracker sang that Cheap Trick song "Surrender". Nate and Rachel sang "don't go breaking my heart". Their pal (and NC native) Megan belted out a Lita Ford song (I think legally that is the only way to sing a Lita Ford song… i.e. the "belting" way).

Let me say this about our Boston robot folks: They all sing much better than the NYC folks. And I am basing this on many drunken hours spent in Korean karaoke bars in Manhattan listening to my friends and loved ones butchering the hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
Sorry NYC, but Boston Towne got you beat there.

Klutch's Robot Shirt
Does that rock or what? He did it with one of those home screen-printing kits. Neat!

I had one years ago, and it almost drove me to drink.

The evening ended around 1:30 I believe.
Like I said earlier, it was wonderful to hang out with everyone.
Just lovely.

Sunday, we woke late to rain in Boston. We checked out and then drove around looking for parking and/or breakfast. Mrs. Robot suggested we go to the Hi-Rise Bakery, so, um, we did - and it was super tasty.
We then somehow found our way to the interstate and home to the Big Stink.
For dinner we had Indian and watched the Simpsons.
Then we called our mothers.

Oh -- where to start...
Thanks fer comin' up. We've been dyin' to have you up in our little burg for quite a while, and I know both Klutch and Q were itchin' for some :r action like a guy with scabies itches a rash. And Nate was here! I mean, does it get any better than that?
Second of all -- I can't believe we took you to that karaoke bar. Fun? Yes. But, oh the people who populate that place! This is what we do, ya see?
Well, crap. I have lots to say -- and will probably say it tomorrow. But again, thanks fer comin' up. And thanks for the snacks. Sausage and fries. Oh yeah.
»chris ||  5/10/2004 ||  12:33:27 AM
pure pleasure. liquid pleasure. alabama-slammas-after-bedtime fun.
»boston8 ||  5/10/2004 ||  6:24:21 AM
man. could i look any more drunk?

thank you so much for visiting! there are times in life when i think i have just about had it with the humans, but then we get to meet wonderful folks like you . . .and n8 . . .and Mrs. Robot . . . in person . . . rock!
»mr. xls ||  5/10/2004 ||  8:40:26 AM
Ok, that sounds like a challenge: NYC vs. Boston for the 2004 Karaoke Krown. We'll meet in a neutral place, say, hmm, Jersey? A dark alley? You are going DOWN, Beantown....
»reba ||  5/10/2004 ||  10:20:14 AM
why do i feel compelled to do a Gene Simmons impression every time a camera points my way? Oh, so fun. Favourite parts of the weekend: the hours of Friday nite I don't remember, n8's stories of eating squirrel, possum, 'coon and other roadkill, and ass-slappin, crotch-grabbin' karaoke. And oh yeah, when rich got naked and ran thru the Twin Peaks bar, screaming like a banshee.
»-b. ||  5/10/2004 ||  10:36:33 AM
thanks, b. it was nice to see you too.
»chris ||  5/10/2004 ||  10:49:21 AM
yeah well. too bad things didn't work out.
»-b. ||  5/10/2004 ||  11:03:21 AM
wait, was I naked? I totally thought everyone else was naked and i was wearing a bear suit and honking a clown horn.
»:r ||  5/10/2004 ||  12:08:51 PM
:r - you haven't heard me and my freinds sing ... we could give boston a run for their money!
»k ||  5/10/2004 ||  1:22:40 PM
i thought k wrote that her friends could give them a run for their MONKEY. my bad.
»liz ||  5/10/2004 ||  2:44:14 PM
Dude, call us the next time you're in Boston. Providence is only like 45 minutes away...
»dorf ||  5/11/2004 ||  11:43:44 AM
I think of myself as a lover not a fighter, generally, but if there's a karaoke rumble, I'll bring it HARD and take your monkey and/or bling.

It was so nice to have visitors like Mr. & Mrs Robot and Nate and hope that the time spent at David Lynch's karaoke bar (the log lady was the only thing missing) won't prevent you from visiting again.

Next time we'll take you to live chikn, fresh killed for dinner. oh yeah.
»qdog ||  5/13/2004 ||  8:46:02 AM

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