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The soundtrack of today's commute

In Stereo
This is everything I listened to on my morning commute today in order.

Apples in Stereo - All Right - Not Quite
Holy catchy song, batman. The 'Apples' just returned to my iPod after a year in exile because I had this problem where they were always on when I used shuffle.
So, they got the boot, but recently I decided to let them back for a trial.
This song is great on the headphones with all the stuff going on.
I turned the volume up on this as I walked down the street to the train on this pretty spring morning.

Rolling Stones - street fighting man
As I was walking to the train, this song came on. During the first 10-15 seconds of the song (that kind of cool lo-fi guitar thing) I glanced across the street to see some teens on the corner. A large teen girl was doing this slow motion dance for some reason, and it totally synched with the music. Like, if you were directing a music video you couldn't make this better.

The Yummy Fur - always crashing in the same car
This was my intro to the Yummy Fur years ago. The song is very mellow and kind of tedious now. I skipped to the next one within about 30 seconds.
They are still a good band, but this song just wasn't doing it for me.

The Fall - open the boxoctosis #2
The first time I heard The Fall was 1985, while listening to the 'punk' show on our local NPR station late at night.
Cruisers Creek, yea.
I will still put the song "Cruisers Creek" on mix tapes to this day.
This is a track from the last Fall album. This song is kind of annoying with the "open the box" chorus, but as long as Mr. Smith is doing his thing, I'm OK.

Brendon Benson - Metarie
This is a really nice song. It starts off quiet, which stinks when you are on the train because you can barely hear it. But, then it builds up to this nice head bobbing chorus.
I recommend Brendon Benson to everyone.

Belle & Sebastian - Chickfactor
I love the B&S and dig this song, but I skipped it.

Geezer Lake - Try These things
The Geezer Lake was a band from my university days. Our NYC pal Harrison played with them, as did our Boston pal and robot contributor Eric. This song is like a nutty roller coaster / wave thing. It starts out real quiet, then builds up a bit, then hits you on the forehead with this loud, fuzzy guitar rock stuff... and then starts again quiet.
Then repeats.
Then repeats.
All the while building up and up and up until POW!
Home sweet home.

The Incredible Moses Leroy - christmas in the summertime
This was playing as I was leaving the train. If a song could be cotton candy, this is it. Light. Bubbly. Happy.
Beep boopy.

Unrest - I love Calvin
This is off that fine Beat Happening lp that came out in... 91? 92? I forget. I like Unrest, and I love the Beat Happening, but this song wasn't the strongest on the record.
I do like how it's kind of a song about Beat Happening instead a cover of a BH song.
I think.

Felix da Housecat - Madame Hollywood
This song has this kind of electro pop 80's cringe factor for it - minimalist electronic music with a woman with an accent speaking the lines. Reminds me of the Joe Franklin radio show out of LA that scares me late at night when it's on the radio and I go to use the bathroom and the radio comes on and all of a sudden I hear his voice and he's talking about LA and something about sex. or something else.
I skipped this after about a minute, although it would be fine background music.

Interpol - Obstacle 1
Holy rocking batman. I like this song.
I imagine the Interpol guy (what's his name? Bob Interpol?) singing this in a "i'm having a seizure" Joy Division manner - at least in the rocking parts.

Apples in Stereo - The Bird you can't see
Isn't this song being used in a Road Runner or Nissan commercial or something? So, I put the 'Apples' back on the iPod and they gotta make two appearances within 30 minutes. See, this is what i mean. NO matter what I do, they are always on. I swear that they somehow control the shuffle feature.
Oddly, they book-ended my morning commute. I started with them and ended with them as I walked into the office.
This song is pretty good on the headphones played a little louder than normal - lots of fun stuff for your ears.

maybe the ipod feels a kinship to the Apples
»curious ||  5/6/2004 ||  11:43:42 AM
i was thinking the same thing. maybe you should rename them . . . or name all your favorites The Apples.
»mr. xls ||  5/6/2004 ||  12:44:04 PM
how do you like them apples?
»pony ||  5/6/2004 ||  2:04:05 PM
are the Apple songs on your iPod from this movie ... my friend was telling me about it today ... seems like a must see
»k ||  5/7/2004 ||  12:00:35 AM
sorry maybe this link will work (see url)
»k ||  url || 5/7/2004 ||  12:01:46 AM
Bet if they were called the Win-tels in Stereo they wouldn't get nearly as much play on your iPod. For comparison, everything from Apple Corps. (Beatles ferinstance) my iPod seems to like a lot too.
»ptitza odelay ||  url || 5/7/2004 ||  1:37:32 PM

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