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News make me cranky!

If I was a freedom hater
Even though, I had a great weekend, the news has once again made me cranky. But, before we go there, let me tell you about a dream I had the other night.


The amount of users clicking to another page or site at the mention of "let me tell you about my dreams" would boggle your mind.
All I hear is crickets now.
Is that tumbleweed?

Would tumbleweed on the web be called an e-tumbleweed?
Would e-tumbleweed be a good IPO to look into?

I think we all agree that the answer would be "Yes".

My Dreams
A combination of some weird indigestion stuff in my stomach hole and crazy ass dreams woke me up at 5:30 Saturday morning.
I got out of bed, found a snack, and sat at my computer and read stuff.
5:30 isn't a bad time to be awake, as long as it's somewhat voluntary.

Oh, but the dream. Get this: I woke up furious. Like crazy mad. Crazy mad enough that I woke up.
The dream was that my brother decided to buy my parents a new dog AND a lion cub. A lion cub.
A baby lion.

I spent the dream walking around screaming, "What is he thinking?! A lion! Our parents can't take care of a lion!"

I called him and told him about it - he didn't seem to think it was nearly as funny as I did, which leads me to believe he was really thinking about getting them a lion.
I just know it.

Cranky News Network

Uprooting the settlements, victory for terror
"Palestinian gunmen shot and killed a pregnant Jewish settler and four of her children in Gaza"
Holy f*cking crap.
Dear Palestinians,
What the hell are you thinking? Children?
Holy crap.
You guys really like soft targets, eh?
What's next? Will you massacre baby bunnies?

Holy crap. Pretty sure that you'll go to hell for that.

I'm not a big fan of Sharon, but he's looking all dreamy after this.

Escaped Iraqi captive Thomas Hamill in Germany for reunion with wife
I am quite happy that Mr. Hamill escaped from his captors - although it makes me think that possibly the Iraqis haven't had a lot of experience with keeping prisoners if he just pried the door open.

I guess my only *issue* is that he (and others) are contractors. It's way easy to root for our military folks who are making tons of personal sacrifices and aren't getting paid 80K to be a truck driver like this fellow was.
I am not sure what I am getting at here. There's something wonky with this whole thing.
(nothing against Thomas Hamill personally of course)

Those Iraqi Prisoners humiliated by US GI's
Lisa posted that link to the New Yorker article that we should all read. Basically, those photos we all saw this past weekend of the Iraqi prisoners were just tip of the iceberg (according to the article).
I didn't know that some of these abuses are believed to of been carried out by these contractor types - that makes things very screwy.

Side Note
Do regular army types resent these contractors who are probably making a bit more cash and are free from a lot of military rules and regulations?
Just wondering.

The Good News, or at least, the funny news
It was a good weekend for fun news photos of other things though.

Surprise Monkey

Well. That is just an awesome expression.

World Laughing Day

Now, this makes me smile and scares me all at once. Much like clowns, except clowns don't make me smile.
I am so glad these women are happy, but I have a fear of falling in the middle of them and being surrounded by cackling and all those hands making those scrunchy gestures. Oh, and their sticking their tongues out thing.

that monkey sure looks surprised
»-b. ||  5/3/2004 ||  4:04:46 PM
World Laughing Day totally looks like Night of the Living Dead.
»chris ||  5/3/2004 ||  4:56:07 PM
That monkey needs a haircut.

»jason ||  5/3/2004 ||  5:15:39 PM

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