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My Alcohol Problem

I have a bit of an alcohol problem - and by problem, I mean I am literally running out of space. Long story involving work related crap, but I have been stocking up on the scotch and bubbly, plus buying regular amounts of wine on my own, adding up to a crowded kitchen.

It was so ridiculous the other day that I decided to photograph it all and share it with the world (or at least the burglars so they will know where the good stuff is).

Come over and let me fix you a drink.

Let's start with the refrigerator...

Champagne! Lovely Champagne!

Champagne! Wine! Vodka! Sake!
(also, one of the wine bottles is this nutty North Carolina blueberry or parsnip or someshit wine)

More wine!

The rest of the kitchen...

My collection of tiny bottles of scotch

Tequila! I can't handle tequila, no matter how hard I try. Photographed with some of my favorite single malt scotches.

Matt brought me back a bottle of single barrel rum. The bottle itself is really cool and you find yourself just holding it and feeling the cool texture.
At least I do.
It hangs out with a spanish wine and a cool chilean wine that has all this kick-ass french heritage stuff going on (I am pretty sure that is how Wine Spectator described it).

Underneath the kitchen counter we have more lovely scotch, including the hard to find (in the US) Green Label and my bottle of Black Label with the custom label for my birthday.

The champagne (or THE champagne) and a monster bottle of sake

The wine rack containing a bottle of Oban scotch, wine wine wine wine, and a bottle of vermouth.

scotch, Hennessy, and the infamous Cardhu scotch

two prized bottles of the Michel Schlumberger wine we bought on our honeymoon that are hidden away

two bottles of Blue Label (lord help us) and two of my super favorite Gold Label

four more bottles of Gold Label (stocking up for winter)

four bottles of vodka


My god. This is like watching porn for me. Excuse me, I'll be right back.
»stu ||  4/29/2004 ||  11:54:34 PM
the only problem I see is that all them babies are full! Whatcha waiting for, Mr. Robot?
»t ||  4/30/2004 ||  3:49:49 AM
i'm wet.
»homey n8 ||  4/30/2004 ||  7:13:36 AM
no, really. i just got a shower and am still wet.
»homey n8 ||  4/30/2004 ||  7:13:59 AM
holy crap!
»lisa ||  4/30/2004 ||  8:10:50 AM
oh. my. god. TWO bottles of Blue Label? And is it just me, or do the two bottles of Michel Schlumberger look like breasts?
»chris ||  4/30/2004 ||  8:53:21 AM
i just can't stop thinking about this. Rich, if there's a heaven, I think it's your apartment.
»chris ||  4/30/2004 ||  9:26:27 AM
this is totally mind boggling... i'm drooling. do i have a problem?
»-b. ||  4/30/2004 ||  10:01:25 AM
Looks like you've got the makings of a pretty good weekend right there.
»stu ||  4/30/2004 ||  10:22:24 AM
you guys are collectors and hoarders, not drinkers. you should fel ashamed and begin handing that stuff out to the poor.
»blaine ||  4/30/2004 ||  12:35:09 PM
I agree with blaine...and pick a focus group of needy, perhaps, guys in virginia who have just finished their law school exams.
»eve ||  4/30/2004 ||  2:49:08 PM
i am sitting here with my mouth gapping open LITERALLY! Holy Shit those are some beautiful photos. So my only question is WHEN IS THE PARTY?
»k ||  4/30/2004 ||  4:03:05 PM
ok... mark and i are sitting here wondering where the party is and how much of a cover you are charging! two bottles of blue label... you are a madman!
»liz in nola ||  5/2/2004 ||  7:51:29 PM
I say we bathe in it.

» ||  5/5/2004 ||  5:34:57 PM

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