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Annual physical time

Doctor! Doctor!
My doctor calls me the other day.
First, that's odd isn't it?

Doctor man: Hey, come in for your annual physical

Me: Why?

Doctor man: Because you haven't had one in a decade

Me: Well, yea, last time I came I got poked by needles. Duh.

Doctor: That's nice. Come in Wednesday.

Wednesday came and he cancelled. Now I get to go on Thursday.

First, it's funny how as soon as you move out of the house, you have to start actually going to the doctor on your own. As a child I was petrified of going to the doctor. Every year after my birthday I would have to go for my checkup and I would be full of anxiety for days beforehand.

I think it was all about being poked by needles and not by anything the doctors ever did (other than the needle poking). My doctors have all been pleasant and nice people.

Back to poking
Apart from the normal fears of being poked by things, I am scared that he will uncover some hidden illness living in me.
Like the plague.
Or Radiation sickness.
Rheumatic heart disease.
Vasomotor rhinitis.
Or like a twelve foot long worm living in my head.

Oh, or one of those aliens in my tums.
That. Would. Suck.

Doctors are a lot smarter than me
A few years back I went to my doctor complaining of a possible soar throat. He looked at me and said, "well, it's not a sore throat, but there is a good chance you are suffering from heartburn".
I thought, "Heartburn?! WTF. That's an old man on TV disorder. I am (however old I was). I don't have heartburn."

I came home and told Mrs. Robot that my doctor was a nut. A year later, I was in another doctor's office and she was telling me that I was having that fun acid reflux thing and I couldn't eat tomatoes, or drink coffee or alcohol.
No chocolate.
No spicy food.


At what age does the doctor start sticking fingers up your bum?
Please say something older than my current age.

Email from co-worker
so, how do you feel about drinking cognac all night then pulling the CEO aside to discuss career opportunities here (after salsa'ing with him of course)? because apparently i feel very good about that. apparently i think that is a brilliant move.

i'm strategic that way.

New Coobe
Remember when I almost got laid off? Well, yesterday was everyone's last day. The office is now really really quiet.
I am taking over my old co-worker's cube today. It's sad, and I feel like I haven't allowed us to really let it sink in that he is gone. Maybe there should be some sort of grieving in the empty cube.
I hope not, because I have been in there all morning throwing crap away.

It's a much bigger space with a little meeting area attached to it so that I can meet with people.. or just eat my lunch.
Oh, and I got a new laptop. It's this IBM ThinkPad - the specs are maddingly crazy since I haven't bought a computer since 2000.
Gigs of… RAM?!

It's pretty sweet.

This weekend
Looking forward to this weekend. This will be the last weekend Mrs. Robot will be in town before she goes on her world tour to Norway, Ireland, Mexico, Chicago… um, and where else?
She gets around.
After next weekend, I'll be on my own for a few weeks, so if you want to hang out, I'll be desperate for human contact (damn cat doesn't really do it).

Mrs. Robot is getting one of those 'world phones' before she leaves. Not that she'll use it much, but it's pretty dorky cool.
I can't wait for her to call me from Norway.

I also have a Dr. appointment soon. I may have to specifically ask that no finger enters my bum. That's just s-c-a-r-y.
»binx ||  6/16/2004 ||  2:36:41 PM
Wait... doctors aren't sticking fingers up your bum yet?
»chris ||  6/16/2004 ||  2:45:46 PM
you are sooooo going to have to do the probe in the bottom. sorry to be the bearer of shitty news.
»n8 ||  6/16/2004 ||  2:46:08 PM
But not until you're 40.
(Was that Trish? Sounds like a great Trish story.)

»reba ||  6/16/2004 ||  4:15:59 PM
You should of called this story ANAL physical time
»pswell ||  6/16/2004 ||  5:40:58 PM
I checked and it looks like the general age to start screening for prostate related stuff (the finger in the bum) is 50 for a healthy male with no family history of prostate ill helath. Unless of course your Dr. is a perv or something. Or a pretty lady who likes to embarass men.
»eve ||  6/16/2004 ||  6:59:32 PM
I totally meant to type 40. So..unless you are 40 you should be okey dokey.
»eve ||  6/16/2004 ||  7:01:46 PM
yep. you are going to get an anal probe for sure, as a baseline exam. then at age 50 you get it every year plus a PSA test (blood test). prostate cancer is a bad thing, but treatable if you find it early, so the anal probe is a small price to pay. bright side: at least there won't be speculum probing involved or breast smashing in that god awful machine.

»de ||  6/17/2004 ||  8:21:18 AM
Hey if Mrs. Robot needs places to go in Ireland I could tell her a few ... hell i could tell her to call my cousins they would show her a good time! .... oh and just so you know the Guinness factory smells like locker room feet (i think it's the barley or something) but still worth the trip just for the proper Guinness
»k ||  6/18/2004 ||  12:17:52 AM

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