1. George taught me to sail. Somewhat. We spent many a summer day on Lake Julian lazily cruising along on his boat.
  2. After sailing, we would stop by this store and pick up a box of these potato things. They were like big french fries.
  3. Many times he tried to teach me to windsurf - unfortuantly that never took. Maybe it had to do with me weighing 89lbs when I was a teen.
  4. I saw my first movie without my parents with George. Cannonball Run II.
  5. George drove the best - or at least I always felt comfortable when he drove.
  6. I had my first bagel at his house
  7. I spent the night at his house after senior prom. His parents were in Europe during the prom. What were they thinking?!
  8. As much as I loved my childhood dog, I think I loved his dog, Ginger, a bit more. Of course, Ginger went sailing with us and to the beach and everywhere else.
  9. I met George in pre-school. That's the year before kindergarten. I wore a shirt that had a number seven on it - something that he always found funny. I guess he thought sevens were funny.
  10. His family called him 'Porky', which was funny because as a child, he was thinner than I was. I think they were calling him that ironically.
  11. In the early eighties, he spent a few months at a medical center in Alabama getting his heart tinkered with. When he came back, he began to grow like a weed.
  12. Some of my favorite memories of winter are from days spent snowed in at his family's house. We'd go sledding on the golf course all day and into the night. His mom made us hot Russian tea.
    There was a wood stove in the living room to warm us up.

  13. My brother, his best friend, myself and George would play football in our front yard. It usually went well, until we quit playing and started punching each other. We usually did it as 'brothers punch each other - guests punch each other'.
  14. My grandmother was quite fond of George, as was he of her. During our college years, he once called her and asked if he could spend the night at her house because it was a halfway point between wherever he was going.
    Naturally, she was delighted, and he later told me of how great it was to be woken up in the morning with her calling his name in her sweet Georgia accent.
    "Geeeoooorrrge. Wake up Geeeoooorrrge"
  15. His parents were born in Holland and that was awfully exciting for a dumb Methodist boy from the south.
  16. I attended my first beer party in high school with George. We drank Bud 'tall boys'.
  17. George had two older brothers and two older sisters. When they were in college, we'd sometimes raid their tape and album collections to make copies of all the cool 'college' music they had.
  18. As much time as we spent together and all the dumb stuff we did, I could never get used to his smelly feet
  19. When we were pre-teens, we would spend late nights building model airplanes and cars. Oh, and battleships.
  20. In the wintertime, George liked to sleep with the windows open. I would come into his room in the mornings and he would be asleep in his 'mummy' sleeping bag and you would just see a small part of his face sticking out.
  21. To this day, one of my most used passwords at work is based on an inside joke we had.
  22. I spent a month in a tent with him and our other friend Bobby while backpacking through Europe.

Ugh. I could go on. In our highschool yearbooks, we'd leave these messages for each other that would be a page and a half long... it would just be goofy memories or inside joke. One after another all the way down the page.
And that was only for one year.
I would be writing for a really long time if I tried to do all 29 years.

My last, great memory of George is his toast on my wedding day. He stood before the windows on the top floor of the hotel where our reception was, and pointed out landmarks that were significant to our childhood.
It was nice.

George Joseph Wiegman
George "Pork" Joseph Wiegman, 33, of Boonton, N.J., and formerly of Asheville, died Tuesday, June 15, 2004.

George was a 1988 graduate of Asheville High School and was employed with Alpine Oceanographic Research.

A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 26, at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in West Asheville. The family will receive friends after the service.

George passed away last Tuesday (Tuesday!!) due to some sort of heart issue - I think the phrase everyone is using is 'massive cardiac arrest'. He was working on a boat in New York Harbor of all places.
He loved the water, so in a way, that was a good thing.
I found out about 10 minutes before we left the house Thursday night to meet all the folks in for the big wedding for dinner.
Suffice to say, I was excited to see everyone and happy for MattyJ and JackieJ-Pony, but I had this horrid cloud hovering over me.

My dear pal Susan wrote me tonight and said the following, which I will use as the ending to this entry.

but the image i carry in my mind is of his always smiling face and laughing eyes. i will always remember him as one of the most genuine people i have ever known. he was never judgmental or condescending. he was always so friendly and sincere. i wish more people could be like george.

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