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Oh, and there were pancakes

First and Second
Technically this is a two part entry. The first part is the post about my pal George.
This would be the second part.

I saw a guy being dragged down the street
Ok, so this was nutty. I was talking to Blaine outside of this bar Saturday night.
Ever since we had been at this one bar, there had been cops and drama at the bar across the street.
The bar across the street is the place I call 'Datey McRapies'.
Something happened with some guys throwing a beer bottle at some girls. The cops came. They stood around.

I am there talking to Blaine and I see this guy running down the sidewalk after this car. The car slows down and the guy catches up and is yelling at someone in the backseat. He has him arm through the window and I don't know if he was holding onto something or they were holding onto him - but they took off down the street at a nice clip.

The guy was dragged about two blocks. Lucky for him, I don't think the wheels ran over him. A police car pulled up and the cop looked at me. I pointed down the street and said, "There's a guy that just got dragged down the street by a car".
The cop looked at me like I was crazy. I then pointed at the car two blocks away and they took off.

Happy Day!
Right, so I did get to be Jackie and Matt's witness for their wedding Friday morning. It was Jackie, Matt, Adina, and myself - a fine group to hang out with at the downtown Brooklyn marriage license place on a Friday morning if there ever was one.
It was a sweet good time.
Oh, and there were pancakes.

Ah, love
It was a fine weekend though - apart from learning the news of my childhood chum George passing away. That made my brain all freaky yin and yang the whole time.

I think I may of annoyed and/or insulted approximately 7 people over the course of the weekend.
Sorry about that.
I have been feeling a bit... um...
Wonky and excitable and cranky all at the same time.

Doctor Update: No Bum!
My annual physical went well last week and my tests came back yesterday and all my blood looks well and tastes delicious.
Oh, and nothing went up my bum.

HappyRobot Update: Trackback Coming!
Holy crap there are so many open, unfinished projects on the happyrobot. I promise this week that I will fix them all and we'll all get to enjoy some new stuff.

Good golly. I think I may be becoming a bit bonkers.

I did get a G-Mail account though - thanks to Orkut Queen Jessica!

heh. datey mcrapies. funny but so wrong.
»lisa ||  6/22/2004 ||  8:06:19 AM
pancakes... yum!
»liz ||  6/22/2004 ||  9:02:34 AM

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