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Every robot needs a lady

Thuggy thug thug thug
What book is everyone reading on the train these days? Seriously, it's either 'Thugs and the Women who love them' or 'Every Thug needs a Lady'.

I have read small portions of both these books over people's shoulders and I have this quick review: They Nasty!
No, really. They are nasty.

Favorite quote from an Amazon review for one of these books:
but i would recommend any one who loves sex to go get the book because it is bed-wetting!!!!!!!!!!

I love sex and wetting my bed!

Are we going to attack Iran now?
When are we going to attack Saudi Arabia? I mean, we might as well, since the majority of those 9-11 chaps were from there.
I'll keep holding my breath.

Gypsy Kings
You know, there was a time fairly recently where every restaurant that you went to was playing the Gypsy Kings. And then they all discovered other albums and we were Gypsy King free for a while.
But I think they are rediscovering them again.

The dreaded Gypsy King cycle.

Songs removed off my iPod
1. That new Modest Mouse album - oh boy. I was a fan of theirs up to this point, but I can honestly say that this new album actually causes me to have physical discomfort.
OK, well, I'm exaggerating, but I can't get to the 'skip' button faster when anything from that album comes on.
They went from one of the more interesting bands out there to one of the most nondescript, pseudo-alt sounding bands ever. People may knock me over for this, but why does this new album remind me of Collective Soul circa 1994?

2. All those damn skits from the Outkast album.

3. That song from the White Stripes Monster album with Holly Golightly. It's a really fun/cute song, but it is in constant rotation on my random thing.

4. Two Dollar Pistols. My friend Marty made me this great CD of mp3s of a bunch of NC bands. I've seen the 2$Pistols before, and enjoyed the show. And I have enjoyed the duets with Tift Merritt, but, sorry... that guy's voice booming into my ears on my commute doesn't work.

Hello Hootchie
Is it me, or are all you gals looking all 'hootchie' these days?
Mrs. Robot and I were noticing a definite hootchie movement happening with the young ladies this summer.
We both share the feeling that there is some sort of pathetic Paris Hilton wannabe thing going on.

Walk around this weekend and notice all the Hootchie Hilton wannabes.

Empty Handed
The other day I went to look at goofy fan fiction and to, well, make fun of it. Somehow I started on a Andy Griffith Fan Fiction site and after reading a few of them I grudgingly realized that they were actually well written.
So, I gave up on making fun of fan fiction for one day.

Speaking of iPod
I should of mentioned this Monday like all those cute blogger's did, but, well, I'm sleepy.
Oh, but, yea. My point:

Hallelujah! They fixed the iPod.
Egad! I hated those four buttons across the top.

Poor little guy.
It's been a fun tour.
That guy on OLN... what's his name? Bob someone...
Wow. He's a goofball (although a smart goofball).

you haven't seen hootchie until you have been in my hood ... the latest jeans from pepe are cut well below the hips and replaced with this red underwear looking thing as if the girl has her pants way low and showing off her red underwear ... but the best part is that all the ladies (and i use that term loosely) are wearing their jeans 3-5 sizes smaller than they should be because everyone in my hood no matter what age believes they are a size 2 . I am just waiting for the day when one of the buttons on these jeans pops off and nails a person dead you know they will never learn until someone looses and eye
»k ||  7/23/2004 ||  12:19:14 AM
DItto on the Modest Mouse. I'm feelin' ya.
»chris ||  7/23/2004 ||  9:06:29 AM
The dreaded GK cycle- bad.
This year's Tour o' France - funtastic!
»eve ||  7/23/2004 ||  6:57:24 PM

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