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Alec Baldwin looks like a fat version of our pal Mitch

Low Rider
I know this is really old news, but I just have to state for the record: low rider pants are nice and all (I mean, oh darn, I have to look at more girl skin).
But, tight low rider pants that push your fat up and exaggerate said fat - those aren't good.

See, look at mine.

This is how you do it.

This is just great
Sunshine Jen: people still wave at trains

Much Apu about Something
Our pal Reba hooked us up with some tickets to see Shakespeare in the Park's Much Ado about Nothing last week (so much for being a 'blogger' with breaking news, eh?). It was opening night, so it was star studded.
Alec Baldwin was a few rows down from us (he looks like a fat Mitch). Saw Rose Mcgowan and Thom from Queer Eye (dreamy!).
The list goes on, but I won't subject you to it.

Oh, the actual play... it was a great production. Sam Waterson played the lead, and it was fun just to see him outside of an Law & Order courtroom.
Read the real review instead of my trying to stumble my way through reviewing it.

We did go to the after-party which was full of people who looked famous but may have not been.
It's hard to tell.

Two dinners
- 360
This place is in Red Hook, a fine area, but not an area that is particularly easy to get to unless you, um, live there.
Mrs. Robot called me and said, "I made reservations for dinner tonight - I'm taking you out" (it was our 3 year / 10 month wedding anniversary) so I was game.
It's a french place, and they do a prix fixe 3 course meal for $25.
My thoughts: Every dish was delicious. Great selection on the wine list. Fairly friendly service (contrary to the CitySearch review). Good value. Nice décor.

- Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant
We hadn't been here for a while and went back the other night with MattyJ and Jackie "No, really, I am really really pregnant now". We had gone to the Two Noses Back to School extravaganza and were wandering around the lower eastside hungry and thought, "Clinton St. Bakery place! Biscuits!"
So that is where we went.
I had this very fine yellowtail steak that was done in a faux-steak style with potatoes and asparagus - smashing. MattyJ had the fried chicken, which I believe he liked, although it was in odd little pieces.

He did get this biscuit that was huge. It was like 3 biscuits put together.
Actually, it probably was just 3 biscuits put together.
Who am I fooling?
Also, I have to give them kudos on their selection of wines by the glass. Super fantastic bubble tastic.

Mrs. Robot had something that had bacon on it.

The Tour and the order that I read the paper
I love the New York Times. OK, got that out of the way.
When I was younger and an enthusiastic cycling nut, every summer I'd search our local paper for the sports box scores from the previous day's Tour de France. When Greg LeMond started to win tours and get known in America, it got better. But before that, holy moly it was hard to get any news - even in my bike friendly hippy hometown.

Now, Lance Armstrong is selling Subaru's and there are billboard ads for him on the street.
Oh, but I have gotten off course.

Normally, when I get the weekend paper, I go through and eliminate the junk. Do you do that? I inherited that trait from my father.
I go through and throw out the classifieds, and the circulars, the business section (unless something catches my eye), the sports section...
Except if it's the last two weeks of the Tour, and I save the sports section and read that first. Or at least I did this past weekend.

I won't tell you what I normally read first during the rest of the year.
the teen beat section

Ivan Basso is going to win, Rich.
»jason ||  7/21/2004 ||  9:25:16 AM
i like his name because it reminds me of this wine that i really like.
»:r ||  7/21/2004 ||  9:50:54 AM
Yeah, Red Hook. You can't get there from, well, you just can't get there.
»chris ||  7/21/2004 ||  9:51:55 AM
everybody's famous at the after-party---which means by default, you are famous too. and Alec Baldwin is allowed to get fat---he's trying to be a real actor now.
»jen ||  7/21/2004 ||  1:51:18 PM
you read the style section first, don't you?
»reba ||  7/21/2004 ||  7:24:51 PM
yeah, thats just great saying alec baldwin is fat, coz just the other day my friend sed i look like the same height as alec but like double the fat...maybe its true (but more like...triple) (hmm...maybe i shouldn't have had those six cream pies per meal since i moved out. (about 20 years ago.))
ps. i have about six meals per day, (6 x 6 = 36) x 365 = 13, 140
13, 140 x 20 = 262, 800 wonder im so massive.
»fatty fatty wa ||  9/28/2006 ||  1:41:50 AM

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