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Me and Speedy McSilver go to the beach

Are those tourists happy?
I can't tell. Every morning I run into little packs of them on the street or in the train station.
Fanny packs (didn't the guide book tell you NOT to wear those?).
Women with their purses on across their chest.
White t-shirts, jean shorts, white socks, white athletic shoes.

They don't look so happy. It's as if they were forced to come to the Big Stink and try to have a good time.
They look scared. They look lost.
They look pissed off.

I don't think they are happy at all.

I bought a new phone. My Motorola v60i has this issue where the ear piece craps out often. The *great* thing is that the new Motorola that replaces it - the v60s - is BIGGER. Why the hell do I want a f*cking bigger phone?
Stupid ass Motorola monkey heads.

I bought an LG phone because:
(1) it was cheap
(2) it was the same size as the v60i

I have Verizon as my provier and have been very happy with their coverage, but lord do they have some boring, big-ass phones.

Me and Speedy McSilver go to the beach
Saturday, I got this idea stuck in my craw to ride my bike (aka Speedy McSilver) to the beach. I left from my place in the Carroll Gardens area, rode over to Park Slope (took Dean Street all the way over) and then through the park and out the bottom to Ocean Parkway.
Had a nice chat with a red-haired lady on the corner who commented that it was "too hot to be riding your bike" and "you're not from around here, are you?"
She also told me that once in Florida it was really hot. As I left, she told me not to over do it.

I took Ocean Parkway all the way to Coney Island, and then walked my bike east on the boardwalk to the end where I went up to Neptune Ave (Street?) and headed towards Sheepshead Bay. Have you ever been there? It's kind of kooky.

I took the bike path next to the Shore Parkway until I got to the path that runs parallel to Flatbush Ave.
This part takes you through the Gateway Recreation Area / Floyd Bennett park that is really nutty cool. It's an abandoned airfield with all these empty hangars.

To get to Far Rockaway, I had to take the Marine Parkway Bridge. Ok, that is not my favorite bridge, at least as far as riding a bike across a bridge - it's narrow and the railing, while very safe I am sure, doesn't seem to be enough to stop you from plunging over.
Maybe it's just me.

After Spooky Bridge, I arrived on Far Rockaway at Jacob Riis Park. Now, this is super nutty. I plan on going out there again one morning or in the winter (if it's open) to photograph the buildings and 'boardwalk'.
It's really hard to describe what it's like out there - desolate looking, even though there are tons of people.

So, I went for a swim, ate a hot dog, stared at some crazy people grilling meat on the dunes, and then jumped on my bike and headed back.
Oh, and I saw this lady with really F'd up teeth.
The ride back was a bit tough as my legs started to feel slightly crampy by the time I got to Prospect Park. I ate salami and had a beer and a long shower when I got home.

Sunday afternoon, I figured out all the mileage and it worked out to be 61 miles - which isn't a huge distance (at least not when I rode every day), but, um, I'm not as young and/or in shape as I used to be.

Speaking of shower
I bought a new showerhead! I'd show you a photo from the web of it, but putting "shower head" in Google yielded lots of the nasty.
right, and I realized that I spelled it wrong (should be one word) but I somehow got some results for, um, 'poo related', um, stuff.

Shiny Happy Naked Girls
Well. There you go.

I wrote "I" 32 times. 35 times if you count those three.

hello? did you really just write:

61 miles - which isn't a huge distance


that's a YOOGE distance. i think i would've cried when i got to spooky bridge and turned around!
»lisa ||  7/19/2004 ||  8:25:17 AM
what kind of salami did you have?

you ever try the salami that's coated in cracked pepper? it's yummy.
»chris ||  7/19/2004 ||  10:50:09 AM
i had this stuff that is called 'paprika salami' or something.
it's mild AND spicy.
(with a brooklyn lager)
»:r ||  7/19/2004 ||  1:17:51 PM

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