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Ah! bees!

It is particularly good
Hot shot city on a saturday night
We`re gonna party down until the morning light
Hot shot city on a saturday night
We`re hotter than rock`n` roll
She`s burning baby in my soul
Check it out, check it out

Damn you Dan Turek
Can we all love Dan for a little while?

Let's watch his movie "iWars"
And his museum of hand-written signs - awesome.
Oh, and the Bootlegger movie and the Beachball
Enough about that damnable Dan.

I got a new phone

LA - Here we come.
Next week we are going on holiday (as our former oppressors would say). Flying into San Diego, hang out there for a few days and maybe go look at Mexico.
Then go to Catalina Island (I loved their salad dressing as a kid) and staying at a hotel which will be the single most expensive hotel room I have ever paid for (note, I said "paid for" not "slept in") but, you know, I am thinking, how often are you on an island 22 miles off the west coast?
Me? Not that often.

Then we go to LA where plan on eating our friends and/or eating with our friends. We are going to map a week of sushi and Chinese and Mexican all across that damn sprawl of a town.
It looks like we will be in Santa Monica for the majority of the time since we have two friends there who live 4 blocks apart (the odds) so if you have any recommendations for that area, send them to me.

Best Pizza Ever
Living and eating in NYC means that you are required by law to have an almost fanatical opinion on what the best pizza in the city is.
The easiest way to do this is to find a small, under appreciated pizza place in your neighborhood that no one has ever heard of and just start raving about how that is the best... and you don't know what you are talking about and you aren't a real New Yorker because I have lived here a whole 16 hours longer than you have why don't you go back to wherever the hell you came from.. what, where was it? Kansas? Yea, go back there because this is Brooklyn baby and this pizza rules.

Then honk your car horn why your old, fat-ass mother yells from the passenger seat at the unfortunate bastard who haplessly thought they could try to parallel on this street
"HEY! Get out of the f*cking way you bastard - I got to goddamn get home and watch the TV!"

Local Civil Rule 6.3. Motions for Opinion of Pizza
Upon setting foot in city limits, you will have forty-eight (48) hours which upon to decide, somewhat irrationally, what is the best pizza in New York City. Please be aware that this opinion you take is not actually an 'opinion' in the traditional sense, but it in actuality a law - in the same way that the theory of gravity is a law.

Pizza, then. Right.
I think the pronounciation is like "Ah-beets"
Although, I think I will pronounce it like "Ah bees" - as in when you come across a large hive of bees.
"Ah! bees!"

Apizz has restored my faith in italian food - a cusine that, at least for me, had become, well, boring.
Sorry - although feel free to leave a comment about that place in your neighborhood that I have never heard of.

Apizz gets like 9 robots.
Let's see... Where to start.
First, it's located on a block of public housing which is fun because as you are waiting outside, teens will walk by and say stuff like, "stupid muthaf*ckers" and "bitch ass bitch".
Mmmmmm! Just like mamma!

Second, the restaurant from a décor point of view is - a word I constantly overuse - 'lovely'. It really is, though. Beautiful wood everywhere and warm lighting.

Third, the staff was very friendly and gracious. Oh, and they knew the menu and the wine list - always good.

We ordered a small margherita pizza as an appetizer for the four of us (prepare for me to wax poetic in my limited vocabulary).
The mozzarella is shipped weekly from Italy - but, most importantly, the crust was fabulous and had this almost still undercooked yet crispy and toasty texture with a nice thickness. The mozzarella was smoked and the tomatoes tasted like there was a vine growing in the kitchen.

It was.

We then had very nice entrees - I had the wild boar lasagna and Mrs. Robot had these huge pork, veal, and beef meatballs.
Oh my.

Like I said, 9 robots. If you ever want to go, call me. We'll go back in a heartbeat.
(and this means you, Jeff)

Hold Tight Phonie

In other news
Raquel! Happy Birthday! Monday!

And in yet other news
11 o`clock we`re ready to rock
11 o`clock yeah we ready to rock

if you're pizza has with the website a flash intro, how good? In Russia, we have Domino's is better than the wood oven business.
»dmitri ||  8/15/2004 ||  11:51:43 PM
Dammit. Now I want me some good pizza, and it's 12:30 in Washington Heights. That'll teach me to read things the night before rather than during work...
»stu ||  8/16/2004 ||  12:42:40 AM
After reading this, I have decided that I have never had "good" pizza. One day I will come to NYC to test this theory and argue the point.
»de ||  8/18/2004 ||  8:44:06 AM

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