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Throwing tennis balls at woodpeckers

Thanks Vermont
We had a lovely weekend in Vermont with our pals Mike y Erin. It was really a spur of the moment thing - Mike and I were hanging out at his apartment watching the Simpsons and drinking whisky and his wife came home and suggested we all go to their house in Vermont for the weekend.
I grabbed Mrs. Robot and we packed a bag and off we went.

We did nothing. Except eat and drink fancy wine. And eat. And make S'mores.
Oh, and we threw a Frisbee.
And eat and drink.
Cheeses, salami, waffles.

I used a chainsaw. Mike let me chop a bunch of downed trees up and it was pretty cool - except for the part that my arms now hurt because I am such a girly man.
They have a beautiful house with views of the mountains. I suppose the only low note (other than having to leave) was the woodpecker that decided to peck wood at 7am on the wall of our bedroom.
Mike solved the problem by going out and throwing tennis balls at it.

Wait. Why don't I have a house?
I want one.

They love walking on bridges
Harpers posted that great prayer that the Williamsburg Hasidic folks were using to ask god for help in keeping the filthy artists out of their neighborhood.
I like the Masters of the Universe part.

How late is too late?
Is 11:30pm too late to be vacuuming in your apartment? You know, I'd think so - but apparently I am wrong.

I think work is good. No, not my cubicle monkey work, but actual work.
Last November I was chatting with the CEO of the Cubicle Monkey Company and he asked me how my Thanksgiving was and I commented that it was great and that the highlight was that my wife had made a bunch of pies and the apartment was warm and smelled like.. er, pie for the whole time.
He said something like, "well, my wife just bought some pies".
I think he may have been sad about this fact, but it's hard to tell since he wears a really nice suit.

Since then I have always thought that no matter how wealthy or powerful someone becomes, they should always have time to bake pies.

It's good
I think work is good. I think the president should have to wash his dishes every now and then. I think CEO's should clean the bathroom once in a while.
Yard work never killed anybody.
They should bake items from scratch.

This is all coming from a guy that has no responsibilities. No children. No car.
No house or yard.

On the other hand, I do have a cat that sheds and neighbors who allow their AC units to drip onto their floors and into the floorboards and through the floor and into our apartment and onto our curtains.

"Throwing tennis balls at woodpeckers" should definitely be a euphemism for something, probably dirty.

"I was trying to decide between a hot carl or a dirty sanchez last night, but I decided to go with the throwing tennis balls at woodpeckers instead."
»stu ||  8/10/2004 ||  2:16:01 PM
Oh yea.. Throwing tennis balls at woodpeckers...
yes! yes!
»ron ||  8/10/2004 ||  3:26:49 PM
your friend is a jerk
»woodpecker ||  8/11/2004 ||  12:44:06 PM

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