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Milk crate mounted on an old skateboard

This month has been plagued by illness, and this illness has affected everything, including updating new stuff on the robot.
For that, I apologize.

He's getting married this weekend. I'll be there.
(Actually, I'll be in NC for all of a 23hrs).

Day Care Slaughter
There is an apartment building next door where someone is running a daycare. Next door to them is a brownstone that is being gutted.
Just now, I heard kids screaming (like kids do) but at the same a buzz saw (or band saw or chain saw or..) was sawing away.
It sounded like children were being sawed in half.

This is what happens when you work from home.

I meant to post something on the filter about this, but the latest documentary that Mrs. Robot worked on was on PBS Monday. It was about Robert Kennedy and was part of their 'American Experience'.
Good show, and she personally scored some of the TV footage for this show - some of the footage hadn't been seen since it's original airing.
Check your local PBS station for air times (as I am sure they'll repeat it again).

Mrs. Robot took me to see Wilco at the Radio City Music Hall Tuesday night. It was the first time I had been to Radio City, and it's a pretty swell venue. Many thumbs up.
Wilco put on a fine show, and you have to give props to Mr. Tweedy for putting together some great songs. One of their favorite things to do is do make lots of loud noise every now and then, which I could of done without because I had a headache, but I do think it probably keeps the hippies and the pleated chino guys in check.
Without the noise, they'd be a full-on hippy jam band I suspect.
I'm not sure I really like their new album, though. A little too noodly for me.

Mob? Cops? Both?
Just when you think that your neighborhood is peaceful and safe and full of wine bars and fancy cheese shoppes, you are walking down the street and all of a sudden see men fighting.

The guys who own the Army/Navy store around the corner were paid a visit by four white guys in an Oldsmobile.
When I arrived on the scene, the four white guys were coming out of the store yelling and being followed by the arab store owner guys.
The white guy says something like, "If he ever comes back here!!" as they jump into their car. The storeowner guy is pounding and throwing punches at one of the guys through the open window. The white guys then quickly drive away.

See, the problem is
The white guys, whoever they were, didn't plan this too well in my opinion. Why would you come hassle someone in broad daylight at 5:45 a block away from the train stop? The whole block was full of smart-ass white kids in business casual coming home from their media jobs.
Everyone had a new cell phone and digital camera - they were all calling the cops while it was happening.

Who were they?
I have no beef with cops, but these guys totally looked like off-duty cops - whatever that looks like.
Kind of spooky.

Sunday I passed a fellow sporting a very tall Mohawk and got to thinking how much his hair reeks of 'effort'. Somehow the fact that you go through a can of hairspray every week kind of contradicts any sort of anti-establishment image you are going for.
"Dippity Doo!"

Damn Strollers
Last night I was going to the mailbox place to, er, mail something and was almost mowed down like 50 times by damn hipster strollers on my street. Damn fancy smancy strollers.
If I ever have a baby, I'll just push it around in a milk crate that is mounted on an old skateboard.

kiss nate for me. no tongue, though.
»liz ||  10/7/2004 ||  12:55:34 PM
yeah kiss him for me too ....

oh and I used Carl Richards Extra Hard to Hold hairspray to keep my mohawk in check ... although I am now against all hair spray or gel products - it's all about the grease and pomades for me

»k ||  10/7/2004 ||  1:25:54 PM
i wonder if i can put a skateboard and a milkcrate on my baby registry...hmmm.
»lisa ||  10/7/2004 ||  1:46:49 PM
what I've noticed is all kids at daycares scream like they're being killed..maybe if you gave them skateboards & milk crates they'd haul each other to the army/navy store--further from you--and the cops would arrest them for screaming while loitering.
»vera ||  10/7/2004 ||  1:55:31 PM
We were at the Wilco show as well and Matty J made the same jam band observation. I do love some Wilco but they kinda are one step away from becoming The String Cheese Incident.....and I don't think America can handle another String Cheese Incident.
»jl ||  10/7/2004 ||  2:54:03 PM
Jeebus H, I think all of happyrobot was at the Wilco show.
We had this group of about 6 16-18 year olds in front of us who were bopping around like they were at a Phish concert -- which made me think the same jam-bandy thoughts as the rest of y'all.
That Tweedy makes some good ol' music... but it's starting to wear a little thin on me.
That said, they kick the crap out of the String Cheese Incident.
»chris ||  10/7/2004 ||  3:01:58 PM
wait... I can't leave without making a "Carl Richards Extra Hard" joke.
»chris ||  10/7/2004 ||  3:02:43 PM
I'd rather you didn't
»carl richards ||  10/7/2004 ||  3:42:20 PM
I wish you and mrs. robot would come to Toronto for a visit. I would let you ride my bike, even.
»pony ||  10/7/2004 ||  4:32:54 PM

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